A Scientific Experience Pushed The Young Researcher To The Adoption Of Islam.

“Arraid” Association 

By Engineer: Tarek Hamami

The Muslims praying in The Kiev Islamic Centre always count that a week or a maximum of two weeks don’t pass without at least one Ukrainian adopting Islam in front of them, be it a man or a woman.

But this time the incident was not as usual………instead there came a male Ukrainian Dimitry Boliakov, a physicist who is impassioned with educational researches. He entered in the Mosque with one of the active members of the library of Knowing About Islam which is also found in the Centre.

The Imam addressed the public in the Mosque about the issue and afterwards Dimitry proclaimed after the Imam the Words of the two testimonies (Shahadatain). Ok, then what makes the issue so unusual? This is when Dimitry started explaining his journey towards Iman (Islamic Faith). He said that his declaration was a result of knowledge in scientific researches and specifically in physics. The Muslims in the mosque eagerly and attentively listened in order to know how physics in this guy could direct him to Islam!!!

Dimitry started explaining saying that he works in a guaranteed team of scientific researches in a domain of Vacuum Physics under the leadership of Professor Nikolay Kosinikov who is one of the unique scientists in this area. They are the ones who started a study of modern theory and its experimentations which interpret that land is turning about its pivot and hence managed to confirm it

BUT he (Dimitry) came to know that there is a Prophetic saying (Hadith) that is well known by all Muslims which gets into their root of their stiffened Islamic Doctrine (Aqeedah) which insists on the necessity of the theory and implement it through its rules, hence was satisfied that if such information is older than 1400 years old then the only possible source to it is He the one who created this universe.

The theory that was explained by Professor Kosinikov foretold the things that will happen, from the open interpretation of the earth going round its axis. The organization designed a model which was a ball full of molten zinc which is kept in a magnetosphere and by the action of two opposite electrodes and when a continuous electric current is supplied through the electrodes it changes the magnetosphere which causes the ball full of molten zinc to rotate round its pivot and hence this apparatus was named “The Integral Action of Electromagnodinamic” whose general appearance resembles the earth’s rotation round its axis, and in our real life it resembles the solar energy as the moving force that results in the reproduction of magnetic fields that forces the land to rotate round its axis and the speed of the earth’s movement depends on the solar energy’s density and hence it causes the direction of the Arctic.

A Photo for Dimitry Boliakov pronouncing the Shahadatain at the Mosque

It has been noted that the earth’s magnetic poles until 1970 has been moving at speed not exceeding 10 Kilometers per year, but in the late years the speed increased until it reached 40 Km per year, while in the 2001 was discovered to be 200 Km for once. This means that under the effect of these magnetic forces the two magnetic forces will surely interchange their positions which implies that the earth’s movement will turn into the opposite direction and as a result the sun will rise from the west.

Dimitry has never come across this information before; neither read nor heard instead it came to him as a result of research experience and experimentation. And when he tried to search in the wholly books and different religions he never found anything guiding to this information except in the wonderful Islam where he found a prophetic saying that was transmitted by Imam Muslim that Abu Huraira (RAA) said: The Prophet (PBUH) said: (Whoever repents (for his sins) before the sun rises from the west then Allah (SW) will forgive him). Thereby nothing could prevent Dimitry to declare Islam but to come to the Islamic Centre and pronounce the two Testimonies and that is exactly what he did. Do you think that this information prepared him to a point of pronouncing the Shahadatain? NO! Surely its not! It was just a sign Allah was delighting him with to guide him to the way of Islam and here he is he has arrived……… and now he is with us where he fills his soul and brain.

He has been continuously visiting the Centre from the time he became a Muslim and in front of him is a doctorate he is about to complete. And under Allah’s will he will complete it with a new soul, which is a soul of a Muslim physicist who found the Greatness of his Creator in his laboratory and as result praised Him


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