Allah said in holly Quran As what Ya’qub ( Jacob ) the prophet of Allah said to his sons when they prepared themselves to travel to Egypt in the story of the prophet Yusuf  ( Joseph ) Allah’ peace be upon him:( Further he said: O my sons enter not all by one gate: enter ye by different gates. Not that I can profit you aught against Allah (with my advice): none can command except Allah: on him did I put my trust: and let all that trust put their trust on him.@And when they entered in the manner their father had enjoined, it did not profit them in the lest against (the plan of) Allah: it was but a necessity of Jacob's soul, which he discharged. For he was, by our instruction, full of knowledge (and experience): but most men know not).( SURAH  YUSUF:67.68)

The interpretors of the Holy Koran say that the prophet Ya’qub ( Jacob) peace be upon him had always fear for  his sons from Sahl Ibn Haneef may, God be pleased with him , said that the messenger of Allah had said : If anyone of you see what pleases him of himself  or his  property so let him ask for the blessing of Allah upon it , since  the eye ( the evil eye ) is fact  . Quoted from the book Al athkar by the nawawee .                            And in athor  hadeeth : beg  Allah to protect you from the  evil eye , because the eye ( an evil eye ) is fact .                  

The meaning of ( the eye is fact ) is : its damage is sure and being .

The prophet peace be up on him also said:the eye ( evil eye ) may enters the man into grave , and the camel into the cooking pot 

The new science has discovered that the eye possesses an extraordinary power.

The English scientist and researcher: lin maktagaret said in her book entitled: looking for the secret of the universe power:

That there was fabulous researches conducted in the middle of the last century in the United States, Great Britain, Germany and Russia, but at the end the Americans were the leaders about the universe power. The writer also confirms that these researches made great jumps in 1973, when the king faissal ben Abed Alaziz decided to stop selling the Arab petrol to the westerns.

In that time the American government gathered all the great scientists in energy and physics, and sponsored them in order to find a strategic solution i.e. an other energy source, that can be used for the machines and instruments instead of the oil.

However after the murder of the king faissal and the discovery of oil in Texas and South America, and the reconciliation with the Arabs the government stopped sponsoring these scientists.

Because these scientist during there work on that project, discovered very interesting bizarre things concerning the universe energy, they decided to continue there researches on that topic and they came across many interesting findings until today.

And the result was the pioneering of much new information which led the CIA and the NASA to look in these topics deeply.

Some of the conclusions of the scientist after studying the energy of the universe are that the universe is linked and it contains a certain amount of energy, and every part of it affects the other. These conclusions prove what was found by the studies of the Quantum physics, which appeared after Newton and the theories of Albert Einstein in the energy and time.

One of these studies, was studying the atom which is composed of a nucleus and an electron, so called: nuclear physics, then the inside of the atom was studied”the subatomic particles” and this science is called the Particle Physics

It is known that the electron surrounds and move around the nuclueus in the direction opposite to that of the clock pointer. When the motion of the subatomic particles was analysed, it was found that these particles move right or left or around depending on the thought of the scientist studying them, as the particle will move in whatever direction he expects it to move. So it was conclude that the thought affects the movement of the subatomic particles, and therefore it affects the nucleus and if strong enough it may affect the whole atom, it may also affect the envirement that is full of atoms. This explains what happens when it comes to the jalousie or magic and other related topics, which were all discussed in her book.

Due to the importance of the power the human thinking has, the CIA tried to use it and its scientist: Grill Frame using these methods was able to detect the URSS nuclear power placement from a very long distance.

Some other studies have shown that this power is not peculiar to some specific gifted people, but a characteristic that is found in most human beings, the only condition to be able to use it: is to know one’s power and to think of the ways to employ it. And the most fabulous power able to cause a such effect, was possessed by a young person called Mathew Manning, from a small city called Linton near Cambridge, as he was able to bend spoons and knives just by looking at them, and he was able to stop the movement of a clock just by looking at it,, in addition he could stop the electricity. He was also able to affect the movement of the blood in the arteries and the veins and he could affect the terrible disease called cancer.

Also it was known that Napoleon Bonaparte had a very strong jealous look. As if he looked at his adversary for a long time, he will cause him many problems and if he looked at something it would break. And the inside of his eye was yellow instead of white.

However the most strange and the most correct scientifically of these cases, was the experiment that was carried on a girl called: Nilia Mickailoufa, who was able by a simple look from a distance of 6 miles to separate the yellow part of an egg from the white, using her power to move things without getting close to them.

This experiment was conducted on the presence of a great number of scientists in the University of Lingrad, many cameras were there to register every step, in addition to other instruments that were used to measure her blood pressure, the heart rate and the nervous system activity. Mrs Nilia was able to separate the white of the egg from the yellow after half an hour, however after the experiment Mrs Nilia suffered from the following:

·        Irregular hear activity with an increase in the heart rate which reached 240.

·        An increase in the amount of glucose in the blood.

·        She lost two kilos of her original weight.

·        She was very exhausted.

·        She lost her vision temporarily.

·        A very hard pain in her extremities.

·        She was not able to sleep after the experiment for several days.

·        She lost her ability to taste.

The discovery of the case of Nilia was by the scientist Edoird FAmouf, a professor in the University of Moscow who studies her power. Using some matches that Nilia was able to move by passing her hand over them, after they were put unorganised on a table and then by using a peace of glass between her hands and the matches.

But who told the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him 1400 years ago about the power of the eye was no one but the almighty Allah the creator of the universe.

By Feras nour-alhak


The field: the Quest for secret force of the universe.