Scientific Comments on Verses Of the Holy Quran

By: Dr. Salama Abdel-Hady


Are we created with a Creator? Had this Creator addressed us through scientific approaches that suit our present times such that we may confess by this logical fact? If you want to search for a mental answer to these questions, please read this article.

Quran is a word of the God “Allah”, that was revealed to his last prophet “Mohammad”, in the light of the history to guide the humanity at the time of its maturity. Mohammed is looked upon by the Muslims as a man who received from the Creator a message or a religion called “the Islam.” Such Quran guides them to know Allah and leads them to have a successful life and to perform ideally their role on the earth. The meaning of the word “Islam” is “the complete obedience to God”.  Muslims know Allah by His Mercy and Wise, but they believe that He is beyond the abilities of their imagination or vision.

Quran can be viewed from a scientific point of view as a sustaining proof that assures the truth of Mohammed’s message, since its wording is different from the traditional wording of people. Any one, who reads or understands the Koran, will find that its source cannot be a man who was born in a Bedouin culture since more than fourteen centuries. But it is surely revealed from the Creator of the man and the universe, Who has unlimited science regarding all His creations. We can find that our modern sciences concerning our universe and ourselves just help us to have a more perfect and deeper understanding of the verses of the Koran.

We can see such vision in the following verses which are found in a Surah of the Quran with the title “Al-Wakihah” (the day of resurrection). Allah leads us by these verses through a series of logic questions to assure certain fact “We are created and He is our Creator”.  So, the first verse states the following question:

“We (Allah) have created you, so why you don’t believe that. (57/56) (The verse number 57 from SuratAl-Wakihah[1])

Now, let us read the answer of this question in the next verses from Surat Al-Wakihah (verses 57 –75)[2]:

Have you (O’ man) ever seen (or observe and investigate) the semen that you emit (emitted during a man and a woman intercourses), `is it you who create it, or are we the Creator? We have ordained death to you and none of you shall escape it, and We are not to be prevented (or are able) to replacing you with the same kind (or transfigure you), or recreate you in any other form that you haven’t ever known. And indeed, you know the initial form of creation (i.e. the creation of Adam).  Have you ever seen (or investigate) the seeds (the source of your food) that you are sowing in the ground (and then you feed upon them), is it you who master its growth and cultivation (or the characteristics of each plant), or are We the Master? Were it our Will, We could crumble such cultivation to chaff and you would be regretful (or left in wonderment). Then you would say, “We have incurred a loss. Nay. But we are deprived.”  Have you ever seen the water you drink (or looked to its sources and cycles)? Is it you who mastered it to be dropped to you from Al –Mozn (from clouds)? Or We are the Master? If it is Our Will, We could leave it salty (in its original form as sea water). Then why aren’t you thanking?   Have you ever seen (or investigate) the fuel (or fire as a source of energy) that is hidden (is hidden during its combustion in your bodies), is it you who constructed its tree (as the factory which produce the source of such fire)?  We are Who make it in this way to let you enjoying your strength (through motion and doing effort) andto remind you (with God’s Will). Then (as a conclusion for that proofs), Glorify with praises the Name of Your Lord, The Most Great (56/58-74).

As the reader can find, the answer in the first verse is given by another four specific questions that motivate our abilities of investigating and deep looking. All of them start by 4 words: Have you ever seen (or looked at)

Of course, being in this century, we have a higher ability to look, search, understand and explain theses verses and discuss their logic through deep scientific procedures. So, I will try to explain these verses from my point of view as an engineer. Of course my explanation or understanding will be limited to my scope of thinking. Of course such understanding is different from the explanation of a man who has deeper knowledge than me. However, I hope the reader will appreciate my trial or approach to explain my limited understanding.[3]

Question 1.a. (is concerned with the origin of our creation):    Have you ever seen the semen that you emit?

The scientific comment: The Creator leads us in this verse or question to look to the starting cell in our formation or creation. By the modern techniques we see the magnificent structure of such cells and what is called the marvelous genetic map. After having the electronic microscopes that can enlarge the size of such semen many million times, we can really see it and answer this question scientifically. The man emits a semen and the woman emits too a semen[4], each providing a half of a human cell. By integrating these two halves into one cell in the womb of the woman, it offers an origin for the formation of a complete human creature. Seeing this semen we find it is a miraculous unit that is responsible for keeping our race, it inherits features of each race and the peculiarities of the father and the mother into a new birth.  Such completed cell starts to be divided pair by pair and forming the textures and bones of a new creature. We can see such formation and divisions by our magnifying equipment in ordered processes. It is evidence that it is surely designed, created, and guided by Great Creator who arranges for it such formation and mechanisms of subdivision to keep each race. The mechanism of subdivision and the way of unifying the semen of the male and female is fixed in all the human beings and also in all races in a unique manner since He is the same Creator for all these races. The scientists just discovers the discipline of subdivision and the mechanisms of forming different organs, but they do not know how these cells keeps such unique behavior in all creatures and also they do not yet know many secrets of the genetic map in such cells and How the  life is gifted to such creatures. Those means as we approach the reality and see the semen, we are faced by more ambiguous or un-answered questions. But the answer is in the first verse we have: We have created you, so why you don’t believe”.

The question asked by the God is to look at this semen is followed by another astonishing question in the following verse:

Question 1.b: Is it you who create it, or are We the Creator?

Hence, can we claim that we creates this semen that is responsible for forming the new birth by features inherited from  the mother and father or is it created by itself. Can such genetic map that can be seen in this semen be created by a just chance? Or do we find any one who can claim that he created it. If the God sent a book, the Koran, telling us that  We are the creator  , so, why not to confess that who really sent these words is the true Creator, since there is no way to deny that fact.  The verse that follows is expressing our limited abilities regarding the death. Of course, when we die or loose our life, no one can return it back to our bodies. As it is told in the next verses, the Creator is Who decides for each person the specific time of death and the leaving of his soul (is an ambiguous thing related to the existence of life), as no-one can extend his life.

Now we came to the second question:

Question 2a: (Is concerned with the source of our food)     Have you ever seen (look to and investigate) the seeds (the source of your food) that you are just sowing it in the ground?

Scientific comment: The Creator in this question directs our abilities of observing to look to our role in cultivation of plants which is limited to throwing the seeds. Such plants prepare for us the food necessary for our surviving. He creates the plants as autonomous creatures that grow by just the falling rains, and we are non-autonomous creatures that should have such plants to live. These seeds prepare for us the food that suits our creation.

The question asked by the God is to look at these seeds. And then this question is followed by another scientific question in the next verse:

Question 2b: Is it you who master its growth and cultivation (orthe processes done by each seed), or are We the Master?

As we can understand, this verse asks us “Who learns such plants its role in preparation of our food” Our role is just to throw the seeds and wait. But the seed of each plant after its throwing starts to perform specific complicated tasks as if it is well trained to perform it. Looking at the roots of these plants, such roots select and absorb specified salts from the soil. Then the leaves of these plants that start to absorb carbon dioxide from the air and receives the sunrays to perform other complicated processes. Who ordered this seeds and learnt it to do these complicated processes and finally to offer us vegetables or fruits that feed us. Have we any role in such tasks.

May any one claim that he taught these seeds how to perform such tasks? Or, can any one or any group of scientists create such seeds and plan for them to do these tasks. The answer is NO. So, we should confess: You are the Master.

So, the Creator Who creates such seeds and defined such roles for it, have sent His messengers. Those messengers are normal men who received a revelation to tell us that such arrangements are His doing. Why not to believe such statement and to assure his sayings and to announce: “We believe that we are created. You are our Creator Who arranges for us such suitable feeding by such obeying plants in this ordered mechanism”.

In the verses that follow, the God shows that as He is able to offer us our food by these obeying plants, He is also able to destroy such plants if it is His Will. Of course we see it is actually done through any diseases, by shortage of water or by any storm or flood sent by Him. And we can do nothing if it is damaged, but just to declare our sorry as we can’t stop such damage. So, why we deny the true Creator Who can really create and who can damage.

Now we come to the third question:

Question (3a): (Is concerned with the water that we drink) Have you ever seen the water you drink? 

Scientific comment: In the third question, the Creator directs us to think over the fresh water that we drink. The process of extracting such fresh water from the salty water of the seas and oceans to reach us is a complicated process. The God keeps in the oceans and the seas these unlimited stores of salty water. These salts in the water protect the water from being spoilt due to action of bacteria and the limited motion of water in these oceans or seas. The Creator designed also limited amount of sunrays to warm the water on the surface of this oceans or seas and a limited movement of wind to form from them the clouds of fresh water-vapors.  These clouds are raised up to a height at which its density is balanced through an equal density of the air at high elevations. These clouds start to be grouped and move by the influence of directed winds to selected regions, determined by the God. Such clouds at certain regions loose its balance and are dropped, causing the formation of rivers which supplies us with the water necessary to survive. So, the creator guides us in the third question to look and think how this water is done available to us. To investigate these procedures and arrangements that led to have the fresh water available in our rivers for drinking and surviving. So, we are ordered in this verse to look to the scientific cycle of water on the earth. Of course, by such look or thinking over we can answer the head question, are we created by a Creator who designed for us such managed cycle to get the fresh water or not. Of course without such water we will not survive. It is the source of irrigating the plants too. Let us look to the next verse which envelops this question by a magnificent scientific wording:

Question 3b: Is it you who mastered its dropping from Al –Mozn (or from clouds)? Or are We the Master?

The Arabic origin of the word Al-Mozn is the balance or equilibrium. It is written here replacing the clouds to show that the clouds are a certain state or phase of the water that exists at such height and density in complete equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. If this state of equilibrium is changed, the water is dropped from these clouds. In other words, when these clouds are pushed to certain environmental or atmospheric conditions, such equilibrium is lost and we get the fresh water to be flowing in rivers. Now, can we find an answer for question (3b)? Who masters the formation of the sources of such water (the clouds), and Who masters its dropping into specific areas, in specific times and in specific drinkable conditions by changing its state of Mozn. Can any one claim that he does that? But the Creator of the man announces that it is His Will in His Last revealed word, the Koran. So, why we should not announce the following answer: “We believe that we are created and You, Who sent this Koran, are our Creator”.

In the verse that follow this question, the Creator states that as He is able to make the fresh water available to us, He is able too to stop all these processes to supply the fresh water. In this case, there will be available to us only the salty water in the seas and oceans. What can we do? Nothing.  So, We should keep thanking Allah for such sustenance and mercy, and then He will keep it for us.  These meanings are found in next verses, ended by this order: Then why aren’t you thanking?   

Let us read the next verse:

Question (4a): Is concerned with the source of our energy  Have you ever seen (or investigate) the fire (or the combustion that evolves the energy) that is hidden (or that is done but it not seen in your tissues)?

Scientific comment: The final question as can be read guides us to think over how our bodies can get the fuel that supplies it with the required energy to move. This fuel is prepared and produced in the trees. The green leaves stores the energy from the sun in a very complicated photo-electro-chemical processes that are expressed in thousands of reactions. We call such reactions by “Photosynthesis Process”. During this process, the leaves of the plants or trees  store carbon dioxide from the air and absorbs water from the soil ( through the roots) to form the carbohydrates in our food ( as in some fruits or vegetables ). When we eat the offered food, such carbohydrates burn in our bodies with unseen or hided fire and the absorbed energy is released. So our bodies get the energy required to be capable of moving, enjoying our life, and doing the required activities. When we see or look to the mechanisms of energy absorption in the trees and of energy release in our bodies, we will find that the both are identical but are done in opposite direction. So, they should have the same Creator. Now, Who arranged all these mechanisms, reactions and processes? Such question is given in the verse that follows.

Question (4b):  Is it you who constructed its tree (as the factory which produce the source of such fire or energy)?  We are Who make it in this way to let you enjoying your strength (through motion and doing effort) and to remind you (with God’s Will)

Can any one claim that he design and produce the green leaves of the plants or trees to perform such complicated tasks to absorb the solar energy. And then he designs our cells to be capable to restore such energy by combustion in a hidden manner to enjoy the use of the strength of our muscles. Of course the answer is NO. And we have no way other than to confess the stated fact written by Who design, create and revealed this verse. So, if He tells us   that He is the Creator Who create us in this form and create for us this sources of energy to enjoy our life, we should believe Him, otherwise we should not deserve His gifts, I mean our abilities to see, to think and to read.

NOW, at the end of these four questions regarding four disciplined and planned creations. They are written in an ordered form: the origin of our formation, the source that offers our food, the source that offers us our drinking water, and the source that offers us the energy. Who is responsible for that? Can we claim that it is done and planned without a Great and Wise Creator? And can we claim that this verse that guides us to this answer in such sequential manner is not revealed from Him, the Merciful and Great Creator. Or can we claim that a Bedouin, who was born in a desert from more than 15 centuries, can direct such scientific questions in such scientific sequence.   

This reached conclusion is written at the end of these verses by this order:

Then why aren’t you thanking?   

Scientific conclusion: At the end of any scientific research, we should write the conclusion. So, the creator at the next verse gives us the conclusion, which should be told by any man “Our Sincere Thanks to Allah, The Truly Merciful God Who surely created us and Who guides us by His Miraculous Koran”


May our universe be found or arranged for us in this magnificent order without a Creator? If the answer is No, So, Did this Creator offer us the mental proof to be convinced by His mercy? If you like to have a clear answer to these questions, Please read this article

The Quran is the core of Islam and a concrete tangible word of Allah to all people. Quran is also representing the supreme embodiment of the sacred beliefs of Islam.  It is simple to prove that it is the last word revealed from Allah to the Humanity after the Bible and the Gospels. It can be viewed as a logical and scientific announcement from Allah to acknowledge that He is the Creator of such ordered universe and the Sponsor of its life and also of our lives. Since the Quran is revealed from a God of unlimited science, so, who reads the Koran will find a complete consistence in all of its words and its parts with any discovered facts. A French scientist of the name “Maurice Pokay” turned to the Islam and wrote a nice book with the title: “The Sacred Books (The Koran, the Gospels and the   Bibles) in light of modern sciences”. As an introduction to his book, He wrote "IN VIEW OF THE STATE OF KNOWLEDGE IN MUHAMMAD'S DAYS,IT IS INCONCEIVABLE THAT MANY OF THE STATEMENTS IN THE QURAN WHICH ARE CONNECTED WITH SCIENCE COULD HAVE BEEN THE WORK OF MAN. IT IS MOREOVER, PERFECTLY HAS BEEN LIGITIMATE, NOT ONLY TO REGARD THE QURAN AS THE EXPRESSION OF A REVELATION, BUT ALSO TO AWARD IT A VERY SPECIAL PLACE ON ACCOUNT OF THE GURANTEE OF AUTHENTICITY, IT PROVIDES AND THE PRESENCE IN IT OF SCIENTIFIC STATEMENTS WHICH, WHEN STUDIED TODAY, APPEAR AS A CHALLENGE TO HUMAN EXPLANATION"

In the presented article, we will look at some verses from a chapter of the Koran called “Surat Al-Anbyaa”, where we can see how these verses are directing us to think the wise of the Creator and his oneness through highly mental and scientific proofs. These verses discuss the start, the sustainability, and the end of the universe. The scientists tried to answer some questions as how such universe had started so uniquely and so neatly, how it is surviving in such ordered form, and how will be its end. They observed the materials of the stars and planets of the universe. They find them similar. They observe the system of motion of these stars inside groups; ways and they scan the planets that follow these stars. They observe the sizes and the life of these stars and find that there exist specific laws that govern all these systems, groups, elements and bodies of the universe. They found that such systems are actually following specific programmed procedures in their life. So, they conclude that all these stars should come from one origin. They tried to know and explain the reason of the found uniqueness in every thing. So, they assume that there was in the start a compacted substance that was pressed in a very limited space under an infinite pressure. They claim too that there happens in a moment a great explosion that caused this substance to be turned into waves. Such waves spread throughout the universe in a moment.  Due to the extreme coldness of this universe, these waves are changed into similar atoms in no time elapse. Then these atoms are grouped into similar stars obeying similar laws that control their motion, emissions, lifetime, and transformations in the same moment!! The stars were also grouped in such moment into similar “ways” that were also obeying similar laws!!

But the logical thinking should state that the explosion couldn’t lead to the found homogeneity and such observed uniqueness. But the explosion should lead to destruction and an unbalance, not to such organized sky and magnificent earth with highly ordered systems obeying strictly justified laws or rules.

No one knows the facts regarding the start of creation. But the Creator of the whole universe who managed such start knows these facts. He told us in His last Word that was revealed to Mohamed, many scientific and logical facts regarding such start. Let us read how Allah directs us to the truth through a scientific question concerning the start of the universe and look to His guidance to the actual answer. Let us read the verse number 30 from Surah “Al-Anbyaa”:

Have not those who disbelieves seen that the heavens and the earth were originally joined together as a Ratk, then we Fatak-nahoma (by Allah’s Will). And we have made from the water every living thing. (Why) Will they not then believe (the existence of a Supreme Creator)?  (30/ 21)

Scientific comment (or a trial of explanation):  In this verse, we read a question directed to the disbelievers who denied the hand of the God in starting the creation of the universe so nicely and orderly. The question is: Can this start, after they saw or observed, be done really by just a chance? By two words “Ratk[5]” and “Fatak[6]”, Allah summarized all their illogic words that the disbelievers assume its occurrence. Those disbelievers tried to explain the uniqueness they find in the whole universe by the words: “highly compacted substance”, “momentarily great explosion”, “sudden cooling “, and so on. Those scientists were correct in concluding that the whole creation starts from a single origin. The Koran described such origin by the Arabic word “Ratk”, that means a connected and compacted piece of woven fibers or material. But those materialistic scientists were misled when they imagine that this material is transformed or spread into such magnificent order by itself. They should confess by a Power of the Creator and by His Will in order to be scientific or logical in their conclusions. The Creator describes the spread of this compacted material by the word “fatak-nahoma”. This word means that he separated this compacted woven material (the Ratk) into homogenous fibers by His Will to form the earth and the heavens in such ordered and unique form. We see such homogeneity of the fibers or the constituents that filled orderly the universe, where the materials of the sun is similar to materials on the earth, on the moon, on other planets, and on any other star. And all these materials are formed by atoms of similar constituents, i.e. nucleus of positive charge and electrons of negative charge. Such homogeneity and order started from the first moment of creation because such creation is done by one Creator and is fulfilled in a single order. I think the word Ratk as a woven piece of cloth is better in expressing the start than the assumed compressed material. And the word fatak-nahoma that means forming the skies and the earth by spreading the fibers of such Ratk by the Will of Allah into such order is better than the claimed expression of great explosion. So, the materialistic researchers should leave their illogic assumptions of a universe exploding itself in a wise manner and they should confess with the truth of theses words in the glorious Quran. Such confession will lead them to be true believers of a true religion that came to correct all mysterious and illogical beliefs.

The statement We have made from water every thing living is mentioned at the end of this verse. As Allah states in this verse that He started the creation of the universe from such compacted or woven material, He states too that the creation of the living creatures started from water. These are the words of the Creator.  Of course, according to our knowledge, if there is no water, there is no life. The main proof of that is stemmed from just a look to the planets around us. As there is no water in other planets, we find no life over them. However, we do not know the meaning of “life”, or the difference between the dead cells and the living cells. In any living cell or organism, we find that the water is representing more than 70 % of its weight. So without this water, there will be no sign for life at all. But we really ignore fully the essence of life in such cells. Of course the cell is the building block of every living creature; man, animal, insect, or a plant.  However, we can go deeper in that verse telling that the most acids and compositions inside the cell are formed mainly from the Hydrogen and Oxygen arranged in complicated chains and extremely ordered compounds that depends on the structure of each cell. These two gases, the Hydrogen and the Oxygen, are the elements that formed the water, and may be they are the building blocks for every other large atom of the remaining substances in the cells. However, our knowledge limits our ability to have a deeper explanation for this verse as it can be understood only by Heavenly explanations. Of course, readers of higher knowledge and deeper thinking may attain a better explanation than me.  Perhaps, the discoveries that will come after will lead also to a better understanding of this verse. 

However, anyone who looks to the living cell and looks at its giant molecules and organic chains cannot deny the hand of the Creator. As we cannot deny the hands of the Creator in such giant universe, we should not ignore also the straight logic and assume that the nature has formed such extremely complicated chains in the organic cell containing millions of atoms of different substances in a specific order. Similarly, we cannot assume that the nature is gifting the essence of life to such complicated chemical chains inside these cells to have the ability to move, breath, feed, burn, digest, exert and even to think. Allah states in this verse that He is Who creates these cells starting from the water and its constituent gases, Hydrogen and Oxygen, and then He gives it the life, such unknown secret to us. Is there anyone, other than Allah, may claim that he had done it in this way or how it is done. Or, can anyone assume that it is done without a Wise Creator?  As mentioned above, the water is not only the origin for starting the creation, but also it sustains the life. That means the life of all the living creatures depends on such magic fluid. Its secrets are also tied to the Creator. If we insert any seed in the earth, we will find that its growth is tied with existence of water. So, the plant cannot live without such water and without the plant our life will not continue. Few words in this verse have summarized the secrets of life and answered hundreds of ambiguous questions; because it is surely revealed from the true Creator Who knows actually His creation and its secrets. I think to confess with one secret, will open for us all the ambiguous secrets, the universe have one Glorious Creator Who reveals this Quran. 

Let us read the next verses, number 31-33, that follows the previous verse in Surah Al-Anbyaa. We can find that these verses are better also understood by the use of modern discovered scientific facts. These verses are showing the evidences of Wisdom and Mercy of the Creator.

And We have placed in the earth Rawasi,[7]lest it (the earth’s crust) may tameed[8]with them, and We placed too (on this earth’s crust) the firm and available routes that guide their passages.

And We have made the sky (that surrounds the earth) as a safe and well-guarded roof, but they (the disbelievers) are abundant from its evidence (the sky as an evidence for the God’s wisdom)

And He is Who has created the night and the day, the sun and the moon, each is floating in its orbit. (31 – 33 /21)

Scientific comments: Looking at these successive verses of this Surah, we find that they point also to other scientific facts, as if it is just written in the twenty-one century, and not from more than fourteen centuries. The Creator informed us in these verses that He has designed a special planet for us, the earth, with a specific mass and extension and a guarded sky to suit and sustain our life. He also arranged for us such stable - earth’s crust to have the opportunity to move freely on its surface. He mentioned also that it is His Will to arrange for us certain duration for the day and the night related to the motion of the sun and the moon in highly controlled orbits by His Science and Wisdom. So, it is an announcement that the order seen in such highly controlled universe is His Will and His creation.

In order to understand the wisdom of the Allah in creation of our earth and its special sky, let us have a look to the planets of the solar system.  Let us start with a planet called Mercury. It is the smallest planet in the solar system and it is very near to our earth but is closer to the sun.  Its mass or its rawasi is less than the mass of the earth (0.0543 the mass of the earth). So, its ability to attract bodies is about one third of the earth’s gravity. So, our motion on such planet will not be stable due to such low gravity, and such planet is not able to attract a similar atmosphere or biosphere as that is surrounding our earth. As it hasn’t such atmosphere, the surface of such planet is not protected against the shooting stars hitting its surface or the sun’s harmful radiation. So, the surface of such planet is covered with deep holes due to the impact of such bodies with its surface, and such surface will not be allowing any possible motion or human’s life there. The structure of Mercury has affected its spinning or its day-duration. So, one day on this planet is equivalent to 88 days on the earth. Such low speed affects the temperatures on its surface where it may reach 400 C on the radiated face (radiation from the sun) and – 180 C on the dark face. Therefore, no trace of any water is found on this planet and no trace of any life is noticed too. 

Let us move to another planet called Venus. It is the closest planet to our earth in the solar system, and has about the same mass and volume as the earth. However, it is closer to the sun. Having the same weight as the earth, it has also about the same gravity and similar ability to keep specific atmosphere. However, the atmosphere of Venus is formed mainly of a heavy gas called “Carbon-Dioxide”, and its clouds are formed from vapors of Sulfuric acid. As Carbon Dioxide is a compound and heavy gas, it has the ability to absorb the solar radiation that turns the atmosphere of such planet into a hell. The acidic clouds of such planets drop acidic rains that influence the surface of the planet and turn it to a soft one that prevents any motion on it. However, due to the nature of its rawasi (contents), a day on Venus is equivalent to about 243 days of the earth. Due to its closeness to the sun and its long day, the temperature of the radiated face of this planet reaches 450 C, and the atmospheric pressure jumps to 90 bars. So, such pressure, temperature, atmospheric and surface conditions prevent the existence of water or any biological life on such planet.

And if we look also to the known Mars as a planet just next to our earth, it has about the same length or duration of the day as the earth. But the atmosphere of such planet is formed also of the Carbon Dioxide under extremely low pressure. As Mars is more far from the sun, so its temperature has a maximum value of – 40 C, and reaches to – 123 C in most times. At such low temperature, we find that the water content of such planet is in frozen state. Hence, no trace of life is seen on such planet and will not be seen too.

After this tour over some planets of our solar system, we get a better understanding of these verses. The earth is designed to keep water in its liquid phase and to keep the life on its surface by extensively ordered arrangements prepared by a Supreme Creator “Allah”. The sky of the earth was designed to be a guarded roof filled mainly by two gases, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Both of these gases are not absorbing the sun’s radiation but allowing them to pass and allowing also suitable environments for the life of the creatures on the earth. So, the sky of the earth has special contents that form “a safe and well guarded roof.” It protects the earth from the shooting stars, which are burnt when they approach the earth’s atmosphere, and from the harmful sun-radiation by the Ozone layers, which reflects the harmful radiation. The stability of the earth’s crust is a result of the earth’s special mass and extent that are neatly designed. The mass and the orbits of the earth result from the specific content of the core of the earth, or the Rawasi in the earth’s core. Such contents give the earth a suitable gravity that keeps such atmosphere having suitable pressure, temperature and humidity. Such atmospheric conditions in the arranged and guarded sky offer a possible life on the earth for all creatures. It gives also the stability for all the creatures to move safely under suitable gravity during the rotation of the earth around itself and around the sun. Such rotation and distance from the sun are mastered also by such contents which give a certain degree of inclination to axis of rotation of the earth with respect to its axis of rotation around the sun and determine the earth’s magnetic field that affects the life and sustainability of all creatures. Of courses by such exact inclination, we have suitable and different weather condition during the four earth’s seasons.

After this look to our earth and to the other planets of the solar system, we are obliged to confess that our earth, as its Creator announces, is specially created with special environment for our life. Can any one claim that the nature has arranged all these peculiarities to our earth? Or can any one claim that he arranged it to us. Or can any one claim that a man like Mohamed had written by himself these verses since more than fourteen centuries.

After describing the process of starting the creation by the verse number 30, as have been seen, Allah informed us in the verse number 104, at the end of this Surah, about the future of such universe at its end, or in the Day of Resurrection:

In that Day  (Day of resurrection), We overlap the sky in the same way as the pages of a Book is overlapped, as we start the creation we return it (to its initial form), as We promise, and We should do (i.e. fulfill our promise)” 104/21

Scientific comment: In this verse, Allah describes the process of ending the life of the universe. It was started from this Ratq. So, its end will be returning it to the same origin by the same way as it was starting. At this end, the Creator revealed that He would overlap all the heavens to return to its origin as a Ratq. The revealed words show the Creator’s greatness. He told that He would overlap the skies as a one who is going to overlap the pages of a book.  According to the scientific theories, the scientists proved that such end is waiting the universe. Those scientists told that after the continuous expansion of the universe, it would be collapsed in a self-contraction process. This will be done due to the limited material in the universe, which will not be ready for more expansion after the continuous widening of the universe. Hence, this material will be contracted and the size of the universe will be diminished once more to its initial size.

So, the science is in full agreement with what have been mentioned in the Koran. But the Koran recite that it is the Will of Allah. And the scientists imagine in their theories that it is the will of the nature, as a very brain-full thing. Allah informs in His Koran that he determines the time of such contraction only, and the scientists imagine that such universe will decide the time of its damage by its own mind.

However, any man with a brain and smart heart will understand such surviving words as an announcement to worship Allah in a righteous way, as the next verse, verse number 106 from the same Surah, states

It is an announcement to worshipping (obeying) people, 106 / 21.


Is it possible for this ultimately regular motion of the earth around itself in exactly 24 hours and also around the sun in exactly 365.25 days to be a matter of pure chance? The motion of the earth is never disturbed, whatever is happening to the sun or the moon, solar or lunar eclipses, solar spots, etc., or by its hitting by any meteor or a shooting star. Any deviation in such timing will destroy our lives on the earth. How it is so accurately managed?  Who manages it in such accurate order to save our lives? Did He address us in a scientific approach to thank Him for His Wise? If you like to have an answer for theses questions, please read the following article.

The Quran is the book revealed to Mohamed, the prophet of Islam, from Allah since more than fourteen centuries. Allah is the name of the God in the Arabic language. The Quran represents the core of Islam and a living soul from Allah which gives the Islam such ability to survive.  It is a fact that the Quran existing in our hands nowadays is an exact copy of the Quran revealed to Mohamed. People can in any time see the coincidence of the available copies of the Quran and original copies that was written directly after the death of Mohamed. The Arabic language is the language by which the Quran was revealed to Mohammed. This language is still surviving, and the Quran is actually recited and understood by it in the whole Islamic world.  Readers of the Quran find that the Quran mentions many scientific facts that show the Glory, Power and Wise of the Creator of the man and the universe. Most of such recorded scientific facts are recently discovered by physicians, physicist, chemists, geologists, psychologists, etc. The beliefs and the instructions of the Quran help in building a marvelous life to the Muslims and to their society. It deals with the Muslim as a human institution which should live in a balance between his needs and values. Such balance was really found in the Muslim’s life and in his family and society.

            In the following article we shall try to give some scientific comments or a trial to a scientific explanation to some verses of the glorious Quran. Such comments represent a limited understanding to theses verses as viewed by me, i.e. as an engineer of limited knowledge.

He has created the heavens and the earth in righteousness, He spherize the night over the day (creeping the night over the day along the spherical surface of the earth due to revolving of this sphere around its axis), and He spherize the day over the night (creeping of the sun-rays over the dark hemi-sphere during earth’s rotation), And He has subjected by His Will the sun and the moon to be running (on a fixed course) for an appointed term. Verily, He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving.

He created you all from a single Nafs (Adam); then made from him his wife (Eve). And He Has created ( or sent down) for you the cattle in eight pairs ( of the sheep two ( male and female ); of the goat two ( male and female); of the oxen two ( male and female); and of the camel two ( male and female ) . He created you in the wombs of your mothers, in stages, creation after creation  ( or generation after generation), in three veils of darkness ( the chronic membrane, the uterine walls, and the abdominal walls), This is Allah who creates that, That  is His kingdom, La ilah illa Huwa ( none has the right to be worshipped, but He ). How then they (the unbelievers) turned away.5-6 /39)

Looking at these two verses from a Surah called Al-Zomor; we shall start by the word “spherize” in the first verse. We can see that such word does not exist normally in the Arabic or English languages. But the God inserted it in the Arabic language to express how the successions of day and night or night and day are happening simultaneously on the spherical earth. Since in every time we have one half or face of the earth’s sphere in dark (far from the sun), but   the other half is in day-time (or facing the sun). So, as revolving the earth or by the motion of this sphere around its axis, the sun’s rays are going to cover the dark face of the sphere, to change night time to day. While in the same moment, the other face is leaving these rays to change its state from day to night. Can any one, in the time of revealing of the Koran, be able to express the succession of the day and the night on the surface of the earth by such single word “spherize” that expresses both, a spherical shape of the earth and its rotation around its axis? Only one word describes all what a normal man can express in many lines and a fact that was discovered after 13 centuries. I think if any man had tried to explain such verse in its time of revelation by our new discoveries, he was to be charged by madness. Similarly, as the motion of the earth is done in a neat discipline, the sun and the moon are moving also in a neat discipline. The God tells us in the next verses that such discipline is also managed and arranged by His Will. So, why we deny and try to claim the absence of the God’s Will in such neatly ordered motion, or to deny the revelation of these verses of the Quran from Him. The Creator Who set such neatly ordered universe is stating such neatly scientific verses in His Book to know Him, obey Him, and worship Him. Is there any power had expressed its Will in these simple words: And He has subjected by His Will the sun and the moon to be running (on a fixed course) up to an appointed term (the day of resurrection). Verily, He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving.

The word running is understood as it is running by itself or is running the things around it. For the sun both meanings are applicable, since the sun is actually running in the wide universe in a helical trajectory accompanied by all the solar group of planets. And it is running the motion of earth once per year around it, exactly in 365.25 days. While the moon is running around the earth, it is accompanied by the earth in its motion around the sun.                                                                                 Of course, no one had seen how the creation started, but if we look to the man and the woman, it is easy to find that both have the same origin. The scientists are able in these days to make a copy from any creature starting from one cell of that creature. Similarly, Allah stated in the next verse that He had created the first woman, Eva, from the first man, Adam. The source of such scientific expression for the first creation process cannot be other than the Creator “Allah”, since no others have ever seen such start. These  words is proved now by  scientific evidences after seeing the structure of the cells of a man is similar to the cells of a woman and all the organs are similar except the organs responsible for reproduction. So, it is a scientific fact that is just discovered nowadays.

Now, how many creatures were arranged to serve us, as human beings, and to offer an easy way of life for us? Who does theses arrangements? Such question is answered in the next verse.

And He Has created ( or sent down) for you the cattle in eight pairs ( of the sheep two ( male and female ); of the goat two ( male and female); of the oxen two ( male and female); and of the camel two ( male and female ). Can any one else claims that these creations is his deeds. Why the cow, the camel, the sheep and the oxen have different nature than the lion, the tiger, the fox, and the other wild animals. Who arranged its nature in such peaceful and useful forms? Can it be done by just a nature? Oh!!! Such very intelligent and ultimately wise and smart nature!!! I think we should be submitted to the Creator Who sent theses verses to know His mercy. Who follows the transitions of the zygote formed as a result of fertilization of the ovum by the spermatozoa, from a one cell creation through successive stages of creations as seen by the modern equipment, will discover how the next verse summarizes in a deep scientific explanation these staging processes of the human embryo. Of course a detailed description of the stages of such embryo will need many pages, but it is known that these stages summarizes the processes of development of the creation of the living creatures on the earth starting from a single cell creature up to the complete man. Such staging is done into three veils of darkness; the interior abdominal walls, uterine walls, and (. membrane, or is surrounded by three layers (ectoderm, meso- derm   and endoderm). Who could know these facts in the time of the Qumran's revelation and expressed it by such simple words. He created you in the wombs of your mothers, in stages, creation after creation (or generation after generation), in three veils of darkness (the chronic membrane, the uterine walls, and the abdominal walls)

Such stages and creations are surely planned and assigned by Allah. So, He described His doings by simple words in His Quran. Such simple words mean a lot and cannot have any other source than the true Creator. The Creator at the end of theses verses asks the people to be judge theses words by their minds and not to turn away. That is His kingdom, La ilah illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped, but He). How then they (the unbelievers) turned away.           Can we really be turned away after theses words. I doubt!!!!

Do you like to enjoy a life of peace between you and yourself, or between you and your family, your society, and the whole universe? Of course our human race is searching for such peace. But such peace cannot be found without feeling of the sponsorship of a higher power to the existence of our universe and our selves. Is really such power existing, and is owned by the Wise Creator? Did He offer the scientific evidence for having our submission? Did He really assign for us a guide for a peaceful life? If you like to have an answer to these questions, please, read the following article.

Islam is a religion that was sent to the humanity in the age of its maturity, after the Christianity and Judaism. The Muslims believe in Jesus and Moses as they believe in Mohamed, the prophet of Islam. But they consider all those prophets are just messengers from Allah with a human nature to inform the people about their right role in the present life to attain a peaceful life. Through the Quran, the Muslims are conceived with the religion of Islam and its instructions. It is easy to prove that this Quran is the same Quran that was revealed from Allah to Mohamed since more than fourteen centuries. Similarly the scientific and logical wording of Quran proves that this Quran is revealed from a God of the highest information regarding His universe and Creations.

So, let us look firstly to the following two verses from a Surah called: Al-Morsalat, as an evidence to what is stated in this introduction:  Have We not made the earth sustainable (receptacle, have a self sufficiency), For the living and the dead. (77/ 25-26)

The Scientific Comment: These two verses states that our earth, such very small planet in the universe, had been created in a form that keeps sustainability of its resources such that it will be sufficient for all of its inhabitants, alive or dead. Can this sustainability that allows the life of all these creatures be a matter of chance? Or is it done by a Wise Creator? The previous verse starts by such question. Who is asking, He is the Creator Himself who sent it to state that such creation is His Doing and is His Wise and Science.

Logically, it is impossible that our earth have counted by itself how much it needs for the living creatures from Water, Salts, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorous, Sulfur, Carbon, Soil, Seas, Oceans, Rivers, Air, Energy resources, mineral resources, liquid resources, solid resources, etc…….. Scientifically, these substances are made sufficient by inserting it into cycles that make use of them for the processes of life and then they are returned back to its original forms to be reused once more for billions of creatures; men, animals, insects, plants, etc. So, who design for each element its own cycle to keep its sustainability?

Let us use our scientific approaches to look how such statement is done.

The interdependence of different kingdoms is one of the cores of sustainability of the available resources on the earth. The plants prepare for the whole animal’s kingdom its food. And the human race has the capabilities to plant the crops it needs for its food.

The man and animals consume during their breathing the Oxygen and produces the Carbon dioxide. While the plant consumes, during a vital process, called the photosynthesis, the Carbon dioxide and returns the oxygen back to the animal kingdom. Such process is essential for the life of the plants and the animal’s kingdom since it stores for them the energy from a sustainable resource: The sun. The Calcium in the earth’s crust is absorbed by the plant, and then it feeds the man and animals to build their bones. Such Calcium returns once more to the soil when they die. So, the dead bodies are analyzed once more to its elements by the effect of bacteria where such bacteria analyzes their residuals and wastes by complicated chemical processes. The nitrogen, which is consumed from the air to form the nutrients, that builds the proteins, the main substance in the cells of our  bodies and the animal’s bodies, return once more to the air after death or during excretion processes of the man and animal. Some of the salty water stored in the seas and oceans are evaporated by the sunrays to form fresh water.  Such fresh water returns once more to be stored in the seas after being used for irrigation and drinking. The carbon that is burnt in our tissues or by combustion is returned once more by the plant processes. The plants absorb from the earth the salts that the man needs. The man and animal feed on the plant and the residuals of them form a fertilizer necessary for the growth of such plant. So, such sustainability is a matter of designed cycles and complicated calculations and estimation. Can such uniform circulation or such highly designed cycles which are the subject of highly complicated sciences be a matter of chance...?

If the dead bodies are not analyzed and returned to its simple elements by different types of bacteria, you will find billions of tons of dead bodies from different animals and plants and so on. Who arranges these bacteria to perform such excellent tasks? So, the death is a stage for every living body, and Allah had surely arranged it as a part of a cycle that is passed by operating such bacteria. So, the verse is mentioning the life and death as two conjugate words to express How His wise used their mutual effects to keep the sustainability of our earth where all the elements which are consumed in a process, return back in different processes to keep the limited quantity of such element. Of course to discuss in detail the cycle of each element in the earth that is designed by the Wise Creator and to show how this verse expresses million of scientific researches is beyond the size of this article.

If we go to any planet other than the earth, will we find these resources in such quantities and with such sustainability? The answer is known. No any other plant has such capability.

Now, who had such ideas about sustainability, cycles, the sufficiency and the limited but sustainable resources to write such miraculous question in this verse to announce that it is His Wise?  Such question has a unique answer:  Yes, Allah, You and no One but You Who created Our earth with such specified resources that is made sufficient for survival of all its inhabitants. You are Who ordered the sustainability of these resources that kept them available during the whole age of the earth and up to the time you assigned for its end. And You are Who sent this Book, the Quran, to guide us to Your straight Path.

Now, let us look to the verses number 19 in a Surah with the name Al-Hijr, it the Surah number 15 in the Quran. It states:

" And We extend out the earth ( with such volume or diameter) and placed therein settling masses, and every kind of thing that We produced or placed on such earth ( through planting, birthing, growing, rising, etc.) is in due balance ( equilibrium, proportion, measure, etc.)

The Scientific Comment: Allah, the Creator of the whole universe, states in this verses His Wise in the creation of our earth.  The creation of the earth is designed with such specified extension or volume and specified mass to keep a very accurate balance for accommodating our life on such earth. Such dimensions and mass determine the gravity acceleration on the earth’s surface, the atmospheric pressure, the temperature,

This verse expresses the miracles of the Creator in the following aspects:

The Creator determined for the earth such defined extension or volume, and placed in the earth these substances (rawasi) that determine the mass of the earth. The mass is the fundamental parameter that defines the earth’s gravity and specifies its distance from the sun. Such rawasi and the extent of the earth also determine the gravity and many other parameters on the earth’s surface.  Of course the Creator adapts the balance of all the creatures on the earth by such determined extent, mass and gravity. Such balance as the verse indicates also includes the motion, the life, and the growth of every creature on the earth.

The atmospheric conditions that surround the life-creatures on the earth are in balance with those creatures. However, these conditions as pressure, temperature, humidity and constituents are determined also by the mass (rawasi) and volume (extent) of the earth. There are also another balances in different races, it is the balance of the number of males and females of every race. Such balance, which we call environmental balance, is not done by itself. It is done by the Will of the Creator as this verse demonstrates. This Creator announces such fact by these distinct and neat words. The sustainability of this balance is a Creator’s will not by a chance or by the force of the nature, because the nature has no mind. But the Creator has His Will and sends His verses in the Koran to announce this fact.

This balance can be seen in the building block of the whole universe, I mean the atom. In the atom; the positive and the negative charges balance each other. The motion of the electrons is balanced in its orbits around the nucleus, according to its specific mass and velocity. This balance can be seen in the atom of every substance. Similarly, this balance is seen in building block of every living creature, I mean the cell. In the cell we find the pressure of the liquid inside the cell s balanced with the atmospheric pressure across the cell walls, the temperature of the cell is balanced with is balanced with the atmospheric temperature, and the humidity of the cells is balanced with the humidity of the atmospheric air across the cell walls. This balance is kept with different mechanisms and nature of the cell walls according to the location of such cell in the desert, the sea, the town, the north, the south, the high mountains or the low lands. Each cell has the peculiarities, the jeans and chromosomes that make it adapting its self with its surrounding conditions. Who sets such designs to give these cells such capabilities of balance? The answer is announced in this verse as the will of Allah, with very simple words “to be balanced”.

If we look to the plants and the living creatures of the deserts, of the rivers, and of the seas, you will find each of them has been adapted to this balance by different approaches and designs.  For example, the fishes of the seas have cold blood, other wise the small fish may need a ton of food every year to balance the heat lost from its body, if its blood will have the same temperature as that of the land’s creatures. Who stated that temperature? The body of the fish can balance the high pressure suffered by its body at the depths of the seas. However, the man cannot be able to sustain such pressure.  Such balanced pressures and temperatures is done by whom, He announced this fact in His last book to the Humanity. And He acknowledge that discovering such scientific fact have a positive influence on the belief of the scientists. This meaning is stated in the following verse.

Those scientists who have deep knowledge fear Allah better, Verily; Allah is All-Mighty, Oft-Forgiving. (35 / 28)

When looking also to the balance that pushes the water and the solutions from the roots of the plants to the leaves or the fruits of such plant, in a balance of the capillary suction against the gravity. Such balancing phenomena occur in the small plants and in the huge trees. We can see too the force that sucks the salts from the soil to the roots of the trees due to balancing of the osmotic pressure across the root’s walls. From such salts and by such substances the plant offers for us the food which gives us the energy, the sustainability and the growth. Who designs such marvelous designs to keep such balance, that keeps life of all creatures in the whole universe, the verse tells us Who.  He expresses this fact in one of His names as:

The Originator of the Marvels of the Heavens and the earth(117 /2)

Looking also to what is done in the body of a man, where such balance is kept by the juices secreted inside the stomach to balance the acidity of the food there. The balance of bones of the body to the loads on each member, the balance of the muscles to required forces, the balance of blood pressure to the environmental pressure, the balance of the skin’s temperature and humidity to the environmental temperature and humidity in every atmospheric conditions. The scientists considered the skin of the man or of any living creature the best a marvelous balancing system in the universe, which offers a natural air conditioning system for our bodies.

Looking also to see how such balance is kept by the heart of a mouse and the heart of an elephant, each heart is doing the same jobs, such that the blood can reach each cell and the blood pressure in each cell is able to balance the atmospheric pressure. Who design such suitable sizes of the hearts of each creature? Similarly, the roots and the stems of each plant is so strong such it can balance the loads on such plant including the weights of its fruits and branches. Who is responsible for such unimaginable designs, He announces these facts in His last book by these fine and neat words.

Looking what different kinds of bacteria is doing to keep the environmental balance, where it restore the remains of the dead bodies or garbage to its elements to keep the balance of the raw materials or elements in this universe. Looking also to the balance in every island or piece of earth, how the existence of birds, rats, people, animals, and different kinds of bacteria are balanced. If the man tries to change any parameter in the ratio of the number of the existing creatures, some disturbance will happen. However, the Creator fixed such mechanisms through which the balance will be restored once more. Who is designing such mechanisms, the Creator announces that it is His doings. We can look to the earth and see how its thermal balance through the adjusted length of the day and night so that the energy stored from the sun during the day time balances the heat lost in the night time. So, the temperature is changing through a limited range. If we imagine an increase in the day time, by few hours, will result in an increase in the temperature of the earth’s surface that enjoys the day time by more than 30 degrees and that in the dark will be decreased by the same value. This means most of the water in the oceans will boil or freeze, and the life on many parts of the earth will vanish. Similarly, if the rawasi in the earth will change by small percentage, our distance from the sun will be longer or shorter, and the valid thermal balance will be violated, and our skins will be burnt or frozen too. Who orders such balance? Allah declares by these neat words that it is His Wise. Who can not confess that it is His Will or claim that it is not true statement?

We can look to the universe around us and see the balance done by the creator in every thing, motion, corner or piece. Speaking of the balance may not end. Inviting scientists from different branches of science, they can add further facts that are seen from their different points of views. So, we can assure that the existing balance in our universe is mastered by His Will, as He declared in His Book, and as no other one declared or or dared to declare that it is his doings.


[1] It is a chapter of the Koran with this title . Such chapter has the number “56” in the Holy Koran, and has 96 verses (sentences) . The translation of the word “Al-Wakihah” is “the events of the Day of Resurrection.” Generally we write beside each verse the number of the verse followed by the number of  the chapter.

[2]( the words written in green color are the tried translation of the Koran. However, the bracketed words are another trial to show the meaning or a deeper explanation of these words, since the words in Arabic are of broader destinations than the translated words )

[3] Of course, the complete understanding of these verses is  just known to Allah

[4] The semen is a half cell that is emitted from the man or the woman during the enter-courses. By their unification, the cell of a new birth is formed.

[5]A piece of fibred cloth

[6] Separations of the fibers one by one to fill the universe

[7] The contents of the earth which gives it such stability and force to attract the bodies

[8] It may give the meaning of destabilize their life on the earth if it is firmly fixed