Baca the Holy city of The Muslims pilgrimage is in the Holy Bible


By Engineer : Murad Abd-ALwahab Al-Shwabkah.

Praise Be to Allah Alone, No a partner in His dominion, To Him belongs the dominion of the heavens And the earth,

It is who sent down the gospel and Torah, The lord and  Sovereign of every thing, The Omniscient of his creatures

He compasses round the secret and clandestine matters behind any thing.

          Whoever contemplates the Holy Quran, Sura Al-Imran in particular, especially the Divine addressing to the people of the Book ( the Christian and the Jews ), He will find that " the Divine addressing "discloses their attempts to counterfeit facts and deceive people by  hiding the true facts and leading people astray by keeping these people away from the true facts, In addition, he will know how much those people are keen on taking people away from the irrefutable truth and the straight path.

      On reading the research entitled  " The prophet Mohammed in the Torah and the Gospel  " written by Dr Mohammed Abdal-Khalik Shrebah and published on this site, I was overwhelmed by a strange feeling towards the attempt of the Christian to distort the word "Baca" in the Holy Bible, the English version " ( New king James version ) to the word Bokaa in the Arabic version, which is different in meaning, it means wailing.

Compare the two texts:

     Blessed are they that dwell in thy house. they will be still praising you, blessed is the man whose strength is in you, whose heart is set on pilgrimage as they pass through the valley of Baca make it a well)

Here is the literal translation of the Arabic version, you will see two important words changed:

Blessed are they whose strength is in you whose heart is set on your house (N.B the word pilgrimage is removed ) as they  pass through the valley of crying (N.B the word Baca is replaced with the word Bokaa that mans crying ) make it a well.

  Unless this word " Baca " had been –and still is - strong evidence of the Divine origin of Islam, they wouldn't have made this unsuccessful attempt  which has increased our belief and adherence to Islam.

  Though in the English copy, the statement focuses on the holiness of the place " Baca" and its coherence to  pilgrimage, we find that the word pilgrimage has been replace with Bokaa in the Arabic copy. The word Bokaa means crying.

It is clear that the reason behind  changing the word " Baca ", which is another name of Makka to the word Bokaa and removing any indication about the pilgrimage is that they wanted to keep away the Arab Christians, who hears the Holy Quran daily recited, specially   Sura Al-I-Imran, which mentions the word Baca, clearly from being affected. just consider the following Quranic verse, Allah Says in the Holy Quran :

  " The first House ( of worship ) Appointed for men Was That at Baca full of blessing And of guidance for all kinds of beings. In It are Signs Manifest ; ( for example ), The Station of Abraham, whoever enters it Attains security; pilgrimage thereto is a duty Men owe to God, Those who can afford The journey : but if any Deny faith, God stands not in need of any of His creatures.


A picture of the holy Bible (Psalm 84).

The word Baca and pilgrimage is clear Strangely enough, Though the word "Baca" will not mean any thing to the westerner Christian, who does not listen to Holy Quran nor understand  the Arabic language, they have removed the word from the other refined English versions of the Gospel

Now, The question is " Are there any signs or hints in Holy Quran about this  particular interpolation? We will leave the answer to Sura AL -Imran, whose Holy name indicates that it speaks about the people of the Book. This verse takes place in the middle of the addressing of God to them. In This verse, Allah asks them to bring the Torah  and recite it if they are veracious.

God, showing that they are not veracious, has threatened whoever tries to invent a lie and attribute it to Him and describes them as unjust wrong-doer, and by this, God gives the evidence of their continuous shameful deeds concerning displacing the words in their Holy Books.

    After that, God mentions this axial verse No. "96", in which the word Baca is mentioned. So the Amazing indication of the place of this verse, which is not alien to the Quranic tissue is completely clear. It shows a Divine creativity and a miracle of His eternal knowledge of the  unseen Which is concerned with their attempt of displacing " This word " which Allah mentioned with extreme accuracy in Holy Quran. God mentioned the word that begins with the Arabic letter "ب" which is pronounced like the English letter "B". God didn't mention it with the letter "م " as in مكة and this proves that God, The glorious and most high, is omniscient and compasses round all what they do. No letters, nothing smaller than letters, nothing bigger than can be hidden from Him in any Heavenly Book, as God, the Almighty, himself  revealed the Holy books, the Bible, the Gospel and the Psalms and all the books that were revealed to prophets so, we can now understand the beginning of Sura Al-imran:

A.L.M God ! There is no God But He ,-the Living, The self-Subsisting Eternal. It is He Who sent down To thee(step by step), in truth, the Book Confirming what went before it : And He sent down the Law (Of Moses ) and the Gospel ( of Jesus )before this, As a guide to mankind And He sent down the Criterion (of  judgment between right and wrong .

By Engineer : Murad Abd-ALwahab Al-Shwabkah.

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2- Holy Bible "The English version " ( New king James version )

3- " The prophet Mohammed in the Torah and the Gospel  " written by Dr Mohammed Abdal-Khalik Shrebah

Translated by : Magdy Abd-Alshafy

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