A strange astounding letter From A French patient


Reveals the human rights in The old Moslem civilization
Dr : Nazmy Khalil Abo-Alata Mousa

           When our Moslem  ancestors  came to know that learning cosmic sciences is a way of worshipping God and that applying them in their life is a religious legitimate  duty , they made use of  and developed everything in the universe depending on God's laws of creation .in the field of medicine  ,for example , they used medicine rejecting what was followed at that time : so they rejected superstitions , incantations , Amulets  and spells and they built schools, hospitals and observatories .
            Here is a ten-century old letter (1) , as a proof , found by one of the French man who works as a researcher  and a historian  .This letter was sent by a French patient from an Islamic hospital in Cordoba , where he was treated to his father describing his health conditions .
Dear father ;
                  "You have mentioned in your previous letter that you would send me some money to make use of it in my medicines costs , I say , I don't need it at all as treatment in this Islamic hospital is for free , also there is something else concerning this hospital  . This hospital gives a new suit and  5 dinars  to every patient who has already got well lest he should find himself obliged to work in the period of rest and  recuperation

Dear father :
              If you 'd like to visit me , you will find me in the surgery department and joints treatment . When you enter the main gate , got to the south hall where you will find the department of first aid and the department of disease diagnosis then you will find the department of arthritis (joints diseases ) , next to my room , you will find  a library and a hall where doctors meet together to listen to the  lectures  given by professors  , also this hall is used for reading . Gynecology dept. lies on the other side of the hospital court ,. Men are not allowed to enter it . On the right of the hospital court lies a large hall for those who recovered , in this place they spend the period of rest and convalescence for some days , this hall contains a special library and some musical instruments
Dear father:
        "Any place in this hospital is extremely clean , beds and pillows are covered with fine Damascus white cloth  , as to bedcovers , they are made of gentle soft  plush , all the rooms in this hospital are supplied with clean water .This water is carried to the rooms through pipes  that are connected to a wide water fountain , not only that , but also ever room is equipped with a heating stove .As to food , chicken and vegetables are always served to the extent that some patient don't want to leave the hospital because of their love and  desire of this tasty food
My dear brethrens in Islam :
            This is a real picture of this health state one thousand years ago testified by one of  the westerners .
And here is a another real picture of the health state in France only 250 years ago
"    Doctor Macth Thrad , who worked as a doctor in one of the hospitals in France , Paris (1730 Ad) , described the hospital where he worked saying " the hospital floor was covered with macadam and dry  grass where the patient slept beside each other in an inverted way without any (morals) rules
        Children slept between the elderly people , women also slept between men  in close contact to each other ; even touching each other  because of the large number of patients and the narrowness of the halls , in addition to that , they were shouting out of pain and hunger as there was not enough food for them and this made some beneficent people denote food for those patients for the cause of God
       This French hospital was dirty and filled with flies and insects and bad smell emitting  from the corridors and this made it difficult for the hospital doctor to go into  the patients wards because of the stinking smell , so he had to carry a piece of sponge moistened with vinegar , which he put it on his nostril from time to time , the corpses were left in it its place among the patients  for twenty for hours till it became rotten(2)

     This was the case of their hospitals only 300 hundred years ago and this was the case of the Moslem hospitals one  thousand years ago , These  Moslem hospitals  matched  the  present splendid hospitals while the French hospital was the same as a  tomb .

         In one of the meetings  held in Bahrain , I had to tell this story in defense of the Islamic history, which  was accused repeatedly of backwardness , murder , barbarianism and oppression . So I had to cite by the Islamic schools , the Islamic charity organization (  endowments )saying
  What about the Islamic school ?!!!!
What about the Islamic endowments   ? !!!
      There was an endowment to distribute sugar among the poor and the orphans on feast days and happy occasions and there was an endowment to help the patients ( an association made by the rich to help the poor ) . Doctor Ahamed Essa  wrote a book in which he described the perfection and greatness of the Islamic hospitals , which the Moslem rulers and the ruled people cared about . These are the university of Al-Azhar , the university of Al-Zaytona , the university of Al-Kharwien  and the Umayyad  Mosque , Granada and Spain which are witnesses to the greatness and strength of the Islamic civilization
Why is there a scientific  backwardness and retrogressing , why is there negligence  everywhere ?
If we put the French man letter before our eyes and spread it everywhere , we will say this is the way we were and this the way they were and this is way we are now and this the they are now .
It is  important and serious matter and we all have to think about how to get out from this impasse of  dangerous backwardness

Translated By Mr : Magdy Abd Al-Shafy Abd Al-Gawad
Magdy_ fighter@ hotmail .Com
(1)The Islamic scientific Supremacy (1990) /page(52)
By Ameer Gafar Al-Arshdy
Al-Resala Establishment
                                (2) The Islamic Civilization In Europe (Persian )
Translated into Arabic by Mourtady Rhbany