The forbiddance Of The Swine meat as Ordained in the Holy Quran

  By Dr. Mohammed Nazar Al-Dagger


By Mr : Mahmoud Bilal

With an addition by

Mr: Magdy Abd AL-Shafy

Translation Revised by

Mr : Magdy Abd Al-Shafy

The Qur'an is the word of God and it has many miraculous attributes proving this fact. One of these attributes is the fact that a number of scientific truths that we have only been able to uncover by the technology of the 20th century were stated in the Qur'an 1,400 years ago. Of course the Qur'an is not a book of science. However, many scientific and nedical  facts that are expressed in an extremely concise and profound manner in its verses have only been discovered with the technology of the 20th century. These facts could not have been known at the time of the Qur'an's revelation, and this is still more proof that the Qur'an is the word of God. Moreover , All those things that are forbidden in Islam are banned because of their harms to the human body .

The significance behind the   Forbiddance Of The Swine meat

The Holy Quran has mentioned the forbiddance of the swine meat in four verses: -

1-Allah (SWT) says what means in the Holy Qu'ran : {He has forbidden you only the Maitah (dead animals ), and blood and the meat of swine and that, which is slaughtered as a sacrifice for others than Allah (or has been slaughtered for idols on which Allah’s Name has not been mentioned while slaughtering). But if one is forced by necessity without willful disobedience nor transgressing due limits, then there is no sin on him. Truly, Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful} Al-Baqarah 173

2-And Allah (SWT) says what means in the Holy Quran : {Forbidden to you (for food) are: Al-Maitah (the dead animals – cattle-beast not slaughtered). Blood, the meat of swine, and that on which Allah’s Name has not been mentioned while slaughtering (that which has been slaughtered as a sacrifice for others than Allah, or has been slaughtered for idols) and that which has been killed by strangling, or by a violent blow, or by a heading fall, or by the goring of horn- and that which has been (partly) eaten by a wild animal- unless you are able to slaughter it (before its death)- and that which is sacrificed (slaughtered) on An-Nusub (stone- altars)(Forbidden) also is to use arrows seeking luck or decision : (all) that is Fisqun( disobedience of Allah and sin).This day, those who disbelieved have given up all hope of Your religion: so fear them not, but fear Me. This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. But as for him who is forced by severe hunger, with no inclination to sin (such can eat these above mentioned meats), then surely, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful} Al-Ma’idah: 3

3-And Allah (SWT ) says what means in the Holy Quran {Say (Oh Mohammed -PBUH -) “ I found not in that which has been revealed to me anything forbidden to be eaten by one who wishes to eat it, unless it be Maitah (a dead animal) or blood poured forth (by slaughtering or the like), or the meat of swine (pork); for that, is impure or impious (unlawful) meat (of an animal) which is slaughtered as a sacrifice for others than Allah (or has been slaughtered for idols, or in which Allah’s Name has not being mentioned while (slaughtering).But Whosoever is forced by necessity without willful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits;( for him) certainly, your lord is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful } Al-An’ am 145

4- Also Allah (SWT) says what means in the Holy Quran  {He has forbidden you only Al-Maitah (meat of dead animal), blood, the meat of swine, and any animal which is slaughtered as a sacrifice for others than Allah (or has been slaughtered for idols or on which Allah’s Name has not been mentioned while slaughtering). But if one is forced by necessity, without willful disobedience, and not transgressing, then, Allah is Oft- forgiving, most Merciful} An-Nahl 115

Dictionaries define the word abomination as dirt, ugly act and the deed which leads to the horrible torment. In Al- Baidawi’s interpÊÍÑíã ÇáÞÑÂä áÃßá áÍã ÇáÎäÒíÑretation:its called  the dirty abomination & it has been so called because the swine  used to eat the Nags (impureness) or the evil/ bad.

Al-Qurtubi , (1) says: No doubt the whole swine is forbidden except its hair which might be used as thread for beads. A man had asked the prophet (PBUH) about the swine’s hair if it is used as thread to connect beads together? The prophet said “ there is no harm in it”.

Khwair Mundad had mentioned the above as narrated by Imam Al-Dummeri who said “ because the beads threading was a known handicraft during the messenger’s life and after his death. We have no information that it had been denied by the messenger (PBUH) or by any of the Imams who had followed”

Al-Dummeri (2) states ,as narrated by Imam Mawardi, that: the reference to “the abomination” is a reference to the Swine because it is the nearest thing to be mentioned”

Al-Fakher-Al-Raziof (3) said that: the Islamic nation has agreed that the whole parts the swine are forbidden. Allah (SWT) mentioned the meat because most usages pertain to it”

Imam Abu-Al-Faraj Al-Gauzy (4) confirms the abovemeaning by stating that “ the reference to the swine meat means the whole meat. The meat was mentioned in particular because it composes the most intended thing”

In the book of (Sahih Muslim) bin Bareada has been quoted to say that: the messenger (PBUH) has said “Whoever plays the dice he will be as if he has dyed his hand with swine meat and blood”

Ibn Katheer (5) said: if the mentioned alienation is attributed to mere touching then what about the threat & menace directed to the person who eats and takes it as his food? The alienation includes the meaning that the forbiddance covers all its parts such as its meat, fat & else. Ibn Katheer states that the word Swine includes the domestic swine as well as the boar (wild) one.

Dr. Abdul Hafiz Hilmi Mohammed (6) thinks that the swine meat is marked among all kinds of meat (which are mentioned in the forbiddance verses) by being forbidden in itself, for a cause inherent in it, or for a description, which sticks to it. Other kinds of meat are forbidden for contingent reason. The goat for example, if it has been given as Zakat then its meat is Halal (unforbidden) and it is forbidden only if it was already dead or if it has been slaughtered for idols. We confirm here that the devoted Muslim should make up his mind when he applies the forbiddance/ order of Allah in order to know the cause behind the order/ forbiddance. The forbiddance of the swine meat in particular is a justified one (it is an abomination). Our independent reason is therefore restricted to our attempt to understand the filthiness of this forbidden thing & itsabomination, in order to be more thankful to Allah for His blessings.

Imam Alseuti narrates the rule, which applies to the person who eats the swine meat (7), saying Abdul Razig has stated in Almosanuf Book what had been narrated by Gattadda that: Repentance shall be offered to the person who ate the swine meat, if the said person agrees to repent he will be left, otherwise the said person should be killed.

Dr. Faroug Musahil (8) examines the issue that faces Muslims living in the Western countries and the issue that pertains to contamination of the kitchen’s utensils by swine’s dirt when those Muslims stay in common residence with other People or when they share the restaurants or the public places with them. The said other people eat the swine meat as usual and they use its fat for frying the food. The author finds out the best solution exists in the messenger guidance (PBUH) when Abu Thallaba Alkhishni asked him: Oh messenger, we are living near to Christians who cook the swine meat in their pots and drink the spirits out of their cups?. The messenger said :(If you find other pots and cups then use them in eating & drinking, and if there is none then rinse the available ones with water before eating & drinking) narrated by Abu Dawood.

The German doctor Hans Reckving confirms the importance of forbidding the swine meat when he says (9): It is worthy of mention that the ancient heritage in some nations were the teachings laid down by the two prophets Mohammed & Moses, who have had the most effect on Muslims and Jews to abide by the natural laws of Allah.

In Africa, where the Muslims and others nations live in the same environmental circumstances. We find Moslem nation enjoying a good health because the swine meat is forbidden in their religion. On the other hand we find other nations who follow the western style in their feeding suffering from diseases that are wholly linked to the habit of eating swine meat.

He continues to say: In a study that has been conducted among the Honza tribe, which lives in Hamalaya and adopts Islam and whose members refrain from eating swine meat shows that the tribe members enjoy good health, their life expectancy is high and they work till an advanced age in search of their means of subsistence. On the other hand their non-Muslim neighbours are suffering from a number of diseases, which are popular among them due to eating the swine meat. Their life expectancy and their energy was found more less than the Muslims tribes.

Hence, I can see that the divine Books of Allah that had been sent through Mohammed & Moses have mentioned the truth & the whole truth in respect of forbiddance of eating swine meat.

But, what do we know about the swine:

The swine is a grass fleshy animal, which combines between the wild and domestic features .It eats everything and it is gluttonous animal, which sweeps away any thing in the green field and barn. It eats the garbage, wastes & filthy remains in a greedy & gluttonous manner. It is also a wild animal that eats the rats and mice, as well as the corpses even those of its own fellows (10,11)

Imam Al-Dummeri (2) states that: the swine is fierce animal with excessive copulation and lustful nature whose sexual life is full of chaos and has no one certain female fellow swine.

Dr. Hans Hietrich narrates strange story which occurred in a military hospital where the swine’s yard was built near the hospital .The swines ate the wastes and remains and each month one of them is slaughtered to feed the patients and the staff. One day the swines rushed onto the furnace loaded with the bandages, which were full of wounds’ remains that are ready for burning, and ate them all!

In order to save the fodder, the hospital management resolved to give half of the wet vulva bandages as food to the swines. Thus the blood of those swines became saturated with poisons and toxins. Let us now imagine the patients of this hospital and most of them were suffering from fistula as sequelaes of fractures resulting from gunshots. They are fed with swine meat that has been saturated with toxins, and instead of being cured, this meat generates in them a new attack of infection and pus.

This gives us an understanding on how the meaning of abomination has stuck to our all minds with the swine. The swine could rarely be seen but with its nose downwards the earth. The disgust we feel at this animal is not confined to us- as Muslims.The people of Europe and America do too , despite the prosperous swine’s trade & husbandry breeding and make of toys to their children in the swine’s shape. Nevertheless, whatever the language those people use , the swine name is a swear word and a curse, which they only call at disparaged and miserable person.

The research proves that the swine (8) eats the carrions and the dirt as well as its own dirt even if it is breeded in the cleanest ranch. News comes to us from time to time about swines that attack the young children. A woman had once forgotten to look after her child who sneaked into the swines’enclosure, which hurriedly tore him apart and ate without leaving a piece of it. This trend is not found elsewhere but in wild animals.

Harms to the health resulting from the swine meat eating: -

The difference between the swine meat & other meat

The swine meat contains big quantity of fats and it is marked by spreading of the fat through out the muscular cells within the meat. In addition ,the fat is found outside the cells within the retractor tissues of the swine in high density. While in the other edible animals the fats are separate from the muscular tissues and do not locate within its cells but it locates outside the cells and within the retractor tissues (12).

The scientific research (10) has proved that when the human being eats the fats of ruminant animals their fats emulsificate in his intestines and be absorbed and transformed into human fats. But when one eats the fats of predatory animals or the swine, the emulsification of their fats will be difficult. The trivalent-particles of the glycerides in the swine’s fats will be absorbed as it is without transformation, and then it gets settled in Man’s tissues as animal or swine’s fats.

It is verily amazing to mention what Dr. Hans Hietrich (9) noticed, that those who eat the swine’s fat out of some part of its body, will get the said fat settled in the corresponding part of their own bodies. Hence it is found that women who eat the swine’s pork could be seen with obvious deformation in their thighs & buttocks.

The cholesterol which results from the proteolysis (analysis) of the swine meat in the body appears in the blood in a form of partial cholesterol having large atom which leads mostly to the blood pressure and to arteriosclerosis and both are dangerous elements that lead to cardiac infarction of the heart muscle.

Professor Roff (12) has found that the cholesterol, which exists in the mobile cancer cells, is similar to the cholesterol that composes when the swine meat is eaten.

The swine meat is rich in the components which contain high rates of slphate (10) .All these components affect capability of the retractor tissues to absorb the water like the sponge. It acquires a form of wide pocket and this leads to accumulation of the mucus materials in the chords, ligaments and cartilages and make it soft, a matter which makes it easy to be infected by the arthritis (gout) and in particular the joints between the vertebra, and also by degeneration in the bones.

The tissues that contain the sulphate can easily be damaged by decay and fermentation resulting into diffusion of foul smell due to the emission of the hydrogen sulphur gas.

It has been noted that the pots, which contain the swine meat, should be taken out of the room after some days due to the foul and unbearable smell despite the tide close of these pots.

In comparison, other kinds of meat had been subjected to the same trial. The beef was less in getting decayed and did not emit the said foul smell. The swine meat contains a high rate of the growth hormone which has certain effect in causing the the edges decay, as well as its effect in the  increase of the abdomen’s (belly) growth and increasing in particular the growth of the tissues which are capable to develop into cancer.

According to Roff studies, the fatty diner meal of swine meat is the basis for transformation of the cells into cancer because it contains the growth hormone in addition to its effect in raising the blood cholesterol.

Researche of Hans Hietrich (9) confirm the existence of a high quantity of the Histamine in the swine meat, which prepares its eaters to catch the sensitivity diseases of the skin such as the eczema, urticaria and the dermatitis and many other diseases.

It has been found that the allergy and itching, which affect the swine meat’s eaters, diminishes when eating the pork including the sausage manufactured from it completely stopped .

The diseases, which the swine transmits:

The Islamic religion has forbidden the swine meat and this has been executed by the devoted Muslims who wilfully follow Allah path without discussion of the cause behind the forbiddance. But the scientists ,today, have reached amazing results in this respect (12): Isn’t it so amazing to know that the swine is a rich habitat for more than 450 epidemic disease, and that the swine plays the role of an intermediary agent for transmission of 57 diseases to the human being. Let alone the diseases which come as result of eating its meat such as dyspepsia, arteriosclerosis and else.

These diseases could be transmitted from the swine to the human being by different means (10): -

First: By way of daily contact during it’s breeding or by way of dealing in its product (these are considered an occupational diseases). They are not less than 32 epidemic which affect in most cases labours of the ranches and Slaughterhouses and also the veterinarians. These epidemics include some kinds of fungi, moaning, worms, moaning dysentery, spinal Japanese fever and the stomatitis.

Second: By way of contamination of the food & drink with the swine’s wastes. These are not less than 28 disease which include the dysentery, scares, hedgehog & liver worms, tapeworm, hookworm, taenia solium, the coiled silk worm and else.

Third: By means of eating the swine meat and its products. These are more than 16 epidemic disease including the whiteners disease, the swine resicles disease, Maltese fever, liver worm, wile disease, round worm (Trchocephalus), tape worm and cancer & else. This confirms what the scientist Kroll had stated that the forbiddance imposed on Muslims (not to touch the swines) needs no justification (6).

The Swine’s Parasites: -

We have known how the swine hosts in its body a big number of parasites and that more than 50 kind of them affect the human being (6). It is classified as diseases, which are common between animals & human beings (Zoonosis) and can be classified within the following groups:

The viral and gremial diseases: -

This includes the rabies, yellow fever, maltase fever and tuberculosis. But the most important ones, which the swine transmits are: -

1- The Meningeal and blood poison and this comes as result of infection with the streptococcus discovered in 1968 and which gave explanation to the obscure cases of death that occurred in Denmark and Holland at that time (8).It becomes obvious that the said germs are fatal to Man’s health and cause .Meningitis sickness by exertion of certain toxins in the sick person. The persons who suffered from this disease and escaped the death after hard treatment remained with permanent deafness and lack of balance.

2- The crape Diseases (12) whereas Dr. Hans Hietrich confirms that the Crape virus which transmits by the swine is the most toxic element. He quotes The Viral Researches Institute (9) in London that {the crape virus) exists in abundance in the swine’s lung which composes the sausage process. The viruses, which exist in the body’s vital organs, could easily attack in a form of epidemic disease when the circumstances so allow. This happens in cold climate and in the lack of sun rays such as the one that occurred in Germany after the Second World War when the people of Germany ate the gifts of swine meat and its by-products given to them by USA.

3- The swine Flu (8). This disease spreads in form of epidemic that affects millions of people. The serious effects of this disease is the brain infection, heart hypertrophy (enlargement) .The world witnessed the last hit of this disease in 1918 where more than 20 people had suffered from it.

4-The swine erysipeias (11). This disease communicates from the swine to the Butchers and Tanners and other people. The disease appears in form of very painful and big burning red spot in the hands accompanied by general symptoms such as fever, chill and infection of the lymph nodes and glands.

The diseases that communicate by the Protozoa (6-11): -

The swine is regarded as the hosting habitat for two kinds of protozoa called the Trypanosoma.The first one is the sleeping sickness parasite of Africa and the second one causes Shagas sickness of South America. The swine is also considered as the largest host of a kind of amoebic dysentery. In fact the most dangerous parasite is the one called Balantidium Coli, which lives inside the large intestines of the swine & monkeys. The rare chances of contacts between the monkeys and the human being make the swine the sole source, which communicates what is called the Dysenteric sickness. This is an occupational disease which affects labours who follow up the swine’s breeding or slaughtering where their hands get contaminated then contaminate the food which goes to those labour’s intestine and causes repeated and severe diarrhoea as well as colic, dizziness and loss of weight. This matter may leads to appearance of ulceration in the intestine and ultimately to the patient death.

The diseases that communicate by the insects & acaridae (6): -

The swine is regarded as host for a number of parasites that affect the human being. These parasites include some kinds of mosquitoes, flees and pediculus & among them is the Tesi Tesi fly which communicates parasite of the sleep sickness and some kinds of skin flies whose larva affects the mouth, eye, nose and open wounds. It includes some kinds of acarideae similar to the scabies parasite.

Diseases that communicate by the flat worms: -

The Trematoda: This affects the blood whereas the swine catches Japan

bilharzias worms whose eggs come down with its stool. It is also affected by one kind of lungs trematoda, which communicates to the human being in many countries. Regarding the enteric and liver trematoda, the swine keeps big share of them and these are: -

Fasciolopsis Buski an intestinal worms that live in the liver and it is wide spread in Asia from China to Bangaladesh.The mature worms live in the intestines causing local infections, bleeding and ulceration in the small intestine’s skin accompanied by chronic diarrhoea, anaemia and may cause hydro abdomen that leads to death ,it spreads in the Far East countries like Japan & China , where the swine is the included also to have Chlonorihis Sineasis and main host of it. These Worms live in the bile ducts and if their numbers increased in the patient a Kidney hypertrophy, chronic diarrhoea and severe jaundice will occur and end with death.

The Tape Worms (6): the swine suffers from two kind of them: the first one is the D.Latum where the swine is affected by the matured worm in the same manner like the human being. The other important kind is the Taenia Solium, which is called the Sole Armed Worm which lives its matured phase in Man’s intestine. The length of this worm is around 2-3 meters and it has a head, which is a smaller than the pin’s head having four suckers and surrounded by hoop of thorns in its top. A short neg follows that head in which small barbs or pieces are continuously grow as they become far from the head. This shape constitutes the worm’s body that looks like the tape and contains more than 1000 piece. The matured pieces are filled with thousands of eggs and it ultimately becomes a mere heavy cyst filled with those evil eggs ,each of them develops rounded barbed- hexagon embryo.

The last barbs disconnect from the worm’s body and go out with the patient’s stool and lives in the humid soil for long time until it is eaten by a swine along with its eggs. In the swine’s intestine its gastric juice dissolves.The casing of these eggs where the embryos come out and penetrates the intestine wall to the animal’s blood circulation. Through the blood, the said embryos settle in the swine’s muscles composing rounded or egg-shape vesicles of 6-18 millimetres long. Each vesicle has a head, which is transformable into complete new worm. This occurs when the patient eats from the swine meat before it is well cooked in order to kill the vesicles. The swine’s role here is one of an intermediary host, which considered as the sole source of human infection.

Man may replace the swine as intermediary host in a circle that ends in closed way when Man eats food contaminated with the said barbs (or the eggs). This happens if the food is contaminated by Man’s own wastes or from external source where the eggs hatch in its intestines and the barbed- hexagon embryos. The embryos penetrate the intestines wall & then enter his blood circulation and move in the blood to settle in any one of his organs whether the muscles or lungs or liver or heart or the brain. This causes vesicles problem or (cysts) and leading to what is called Cysticercosis.Whenever the number of these cysts in the body is big and if the organ in which it settled is vital one, the bigger danger is expected. The growth of these cysts in the brain leads to some fits of epilepsy and to partial organic paralysis accompanied by dizziness and sensational nervous disorder (neuropathy). It also release toxins in the blood that may lead to death, bearing in mind that no successful medication is known to this disease till now.

Press the flowing URL to see anatomical section to the swine body: -

It is a right thing that, as claimed by advocates of the swine, that cows contract a similar worm called the isolated tapeworm. Man contracts the matured phase of that worm when he eats the cows’ meat accompanied by symptoms similar to those which are caused by the armed tape worm (of the swine) but only if he swallowed its eggs. This is important difference since the vesicles sickness in Man comes only from the swine tapeworm, bearing in mind that it is a very dangerous disease, which is incomparable with the cows’ worm.

The barbed- headed worm: - this worm is common in the swine and was discovered among the swine’s breeders in the Volga valley in Southern Russia.

The hair or Gordian worm: -this includes the stomach snake or the scaris whereas Smyth has proved that the swine assists in its spread, including the hair-headed worms but the most dangerous one is the Trichinella Spiralis (6-12).

The matured worms live in Man & swine’s intestines and it is short worms of 2-4 millimetres long. The females, which are filled with eggs, penetrate in-between the intestinal pubescents to lay down its larva therein. The females do not lay down its eggs whereas the eggs hatch when it is inside the females’ stomach. The larva then penetrates the intestine wall to enter the blood circulation, move with it and settles in the host’s muscles.

The worms grow there until it reach 1 mil. Long then surround itself in vesicle and if a human being eats meat of the affected swine, the vesicles dissolve in his intestines where the embryos come out in order to develop into matured worms. The matured hairworm in itself is not the dangerous thing to Man whereas the said worms fecundate inside his intestines and the males worms die. The fecundated females stay in the intestines’ walls to lay down its larva after one week. These larva penetrates the intestine wall to the blood to settle in any part of the human’s body causing what is called the Trichinosis. These Trichinosis are found in abundance in the patient diaphragm and in his throat, tongue and eyes.

The first phase of the sickness is distinct for gastric- intestinal disorders, severe diarrhoea, fever and general weakness.

The second phase that appears after the larva spread in the body is fatal in most cases. The symptoms of this phase are swelling of the eyelids, oedema, hard muscular pains, and disorders of the eyes movement, the breath & the swallow muscles. The patient will suffer from a fever, which might be continuously accompanied by heavy sweat and delirium. If the larva settled in the spinal cerebrum liquid, the symptoms of brain & meninges encephalitis (inflation) will appear.

After calcification of the said vesicles, the third phase starts by spread of the sweat in the face, stomach and the limbs accompanied by great and general weakness, skin eruption, bleeding, enlargement in the spleen and mental neurcopathy.

Most deaths occur between the fourth & fifth week.

It is well known that the Trichinosis has no specific medication and the actual problem is that the arthritis makes the diagnose difficult work. As result the sickness might not be described before occurrence of the death and before carrying out a medical test on a sample of the diaphragm.

The tropical vascular ulceration: -

Dr. Hans Reckving confirms that the environmental blood circulation may be disturbed in particular environmental circumstances as result of eating the swine meat and causes painful wounds of legs. This disease spreaded among the German soldiers during the campaign led by Romell in North Africa.

Dr. Reckving narrates how his colleques discovered the relation between contract of this disease and eating of the swine meat when they found that the Muslims local inhabitants had never suffered from that disease.

Despite all medication which had been given to the patients they didn’t recover except after serving them with a diet that is similar to the one which the local inhabitants and after total cancellation of the swine meat whereas successful results were obtained.

The said researcher asserts that the swine meat is the most toxic component for Man because it weakens the body resistance and exposes it to the diseases. He thinks that the real healthy restaurant is the one that never uses any part of the swine meat because he who habitually eats it will pay the price one day.

Testimonials of the West scientists on Islam favour: -

Dr. Abdul/ Hafiz Hilmi Mohammed confirms the Islam favour on protection of its followers against the evil diseases of the swine.

The connection between spread of the Taenia Solium & diseases, which result from it like the Cysticercosis on one hand, and between the feeding habits of the country & the religion followed by its inhabitants on the other hand, is obvious one.

Hence Noble (1961) confirms that the said swine worm causes a great number of mental sickness each year among Mexican population who used to eat the swine meat. Also Labag (1961), Welcocas and Matson confirm in their book on Tropical Medicine that the existence of the said worm is rare in the Islamic countries.

On the other hand, Tchander & Reed have mentioned in their book on Parasitology that “ In the Jews and Muslims countries where the swine meat eating is a big religious sin, the mentioned parasite has no chance at all to exist and it becomes an evidence of immorality when it occurs”

When Nelson (6) speaks about spread of the Trichinella Spiralis in the European & American countries he , says in astonishment “ the cause behind our addiction of eating swine meat - we the people of the western world- is a perplexing puzzle, especially when we are always being reminded about the risks of doing and also when we read the holy Bible  (referring to the fourteenth Bible of the Deuteronomy- Torah).

As to the devoted Jews and Mohammed’s followers they resumed their hatered of the swines and bereaved of enjoying its meat which resulted in complete lack of the Trichinella among their groups”.

The swines infection: Perhaps the most important source of the swines infection is the habit followed in the swines breeding on eating the garbage and the swines bad habit of eating the wastes and remains. The garbage contains the remains of sick swines to the extent that one researcher gave the name of Garbage Worm to the Trichinella. Thus the worm shares the dirt and abomination with the swine. Another important cause, which has observed by some researchers on infection of the swines is that, some swines eat the tails of their mates inside the swines crowded farms.

The rats and mice play an important role, it also contract the disease if they eat the meat remains of sick swines. The rats infect each other because they eat the meat of each other, whether they are live or dead, then the infection communicates to the swines if they ate the dead bodies of those rats thrown in the carbage heaps. Thus different cycles of infections occurs from one rat to another one , and from one swine to a rat and from a rat to a swine and from swine to human being.

Is it possible to avoid the diseases, which communicate by the swines?

Some people ask: Why the swines are not breeded in a clean and healthy environment? Why is there no adoption of detecting means in order to discover the diseased meat and to destroy it? If the said proposal is applicable in certain place & circumstances, is it possible to apply it in all circumstances? Is it better to avoid the risks and fatal habits or not? Perhaps the fact is that all these means were not effective in any place or at any time.

The proof comes from USA (6) where the level of living standard is high, as we know. As we see while the most poor Islamic country had escaped this evil but in USA there are infections which are thrice as much as of the whole world swines infections of parasites. Bearing in mind that the statistics are not accurate because the diseases are not clinically diagnosed except when they are severe and most cases are not diagnosed except after the death. In the west heavy procedures and expensive attempt take place in order to protect the swines and their eaters from the Trichinella Spiralis worms and else.

In USA where more than one million & half swine are wholly or partially breeded on the carbage feeding, laws were issued to state that the carbage should be exposed to hot vapour for half an hour before being given to the swines. But what are the results of these big efforts?

Statistics have estimated that around 5% of Boston & 18.5% of Mitchigan

slaughtered animals are infected by this disease ( Welcocas & Matson Bar)

On the other hand, the treatment of the meat with the radiant Cobalt and Sezium may result in causing sterility to the worms, a matter that prevents its growth. But this measure is a sensitive one and it is not easy to be applied.

The fast freezing by cooling and the long storage in very low temperature degrees kills the microscopic parasites.

The health instructions in USA states that the swine meat which are eaten without cooking should be stored for 20 full days in a temperature degree of 15 blow zero. Since the meat boiling kills the parasites, the boiling of meat is recommended for a period commensurates with its quantity. Despite the mentioned hard efforts & high expenses still the statistics refer to the high rates of infections.

Is it easy or not as common sense to avoid the swine meat in principle?   Do the concerned persons forget that their work took long centuries in order to discover a number of infections resulting from eating the swine meat & who would confirm that no other diseases remained without being discovered by the science? Does the Islamic Sharia, which came to us ten centuries before the human sciences, deserve or not deserve our trust to give us the final word in respect of what is the Halal & Haram? ( allowable and not allowable )

The behavioural (moral) effects following eat of the swine meat:

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) mentioned the effects of the food on behaviour of its eaters when he said: (the proud & arrogance is a nature in camels breeders and the quietness & gravity is a nature in sheeps breeders) Narrated by Imam Ahmed in Al-Musnad, narrated by Abi Said Al-Khudari.

Al-Fakhar Al-Razi (3) states that: “ Ahlo Al-ilim says- The food becomes part of the eater's nature and he should obtain morals & descriptions of what he had eaten .The swine’s nature is typically of great desire and rushing appetite towards the stimulating desirables. Its eating as food has been forbidden to prevent adaptation of Man’s nature to that extent”

Ibn Khaldon (12) says: “ the Bedouins eat the camel meat and they acquired the roughness and the Turkish eat the horse meat and they acquired the aggressiveness while the Europeans eat the swine and they acquired the kuckoldness) Recently scientists have different views on the effect of food on the natures and behaviour. Observations of many scientists led them to the result that the behavioural effects differ according to the most eaten kind of meat. They think that the swine meat and its fats have bad effect on the obstinence and jealousy for the honour if the person continued it’s eating (10). Their final finding is that the kind of food affects Man’s character, behaviour and conducts.

Dr. Al- Fangari (11) reports in an article that, those who eat the meat of the predatory animals have an evil nature in general, unmerciful and inclined to commit sins & crimes.

Eating the swine meat definitely affects Man’s character and general behavior. This matter is apparent in many western communities where there is much sodomy, lesbianism and adultery followed by widespread cases of illegitimate pregnancy and abortion as result.

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