Rain paryer

Translated by: Magdy Abd Al-Shafy

Allah , since the very beginning of creation , has set the rules that would  govern the whole of the universe ,God ,theCreator,  can give the effect of these laws either by  these laws or  by other laws other than the first ones or by any other way . God says in the Holy Quran what means " And Our word unto a thing, when We intend it, is only that We say unto it: Be! and it is."  Al-Nahel :40)

Amo ng these cases in which God can change the laws that govern the universe what we Moslem call " the rain prayer " This prayer is done when the rain ceases to come down and drought  wanders leaving miseries everywhere ; in this case ,as prophet Mohummed taught us , Moslems should go in congregation , and do the prayer of rain in which they supplicate to Allah . Following this prayer , rain always start to come down to the extent that  those who do the prayer came back home wet . The laws that make rain goes down are not available . So God , the most Merciful , on hearing the desperate supplications  of those who do the rain prayer , would  drive the rain to the place where they stand .

In 1973 in a place called Harf Sofyan, the Chinese were building Sanaa-sada road .At that time a heavy drought stroke the area . A Moslem scientist asked the people to go out to do the rain prayer . As the Chinese started to dig wells for the people , people think not to go out ; unfortunately only one person went with the this scientist and they did the prayer on the farm of this poor man ; to the  amazement of those who witnessed that incident , rain  began to fall heavily only on the poor man's farm –that man who did the prayer with the Moslem scientist. For several months vegetation was seen on this farm but the other farms turned barren without any sign of vegetation . This farm remained known as the " the farm of the man who did the prayer of the rain ?


In the Regime of the communists in what is now known as Ethiopia , a drought stroke the area and the aftermath was so heavy , people starved to death and so did the animals . The communist government , on seeing that , allowed the Christian and the Moslems to do the prayers for rain , the Christians did the prayers in their churches but in vain .

The high Imam asked the Moslem to go for the prayer and asked them to fast for three days before the prayers . In fact the communists mocked the Christians and they were waiting the Moslem to receive their portion of mockery ; Moslem were afraid that Allah would not accept their supplications and that would be a scandal as that of the Christians

Moslems started their prayers and they deeply supplicated . Shortly after the prayer had finished , rain began to fall heavily quenching the thirst of the land  after a three-year drought . it was also a rain  that quenched the thirst of the heart of the believers . Many Christians embraced Islam following this great incident after they rejected it for a long time .

Shiek Gad Al-Halk tells this story

In Sinai , Egypt , a drought stroke Egypt ; when he was asked what to do , Shiek Gad Al-Halk advised them to do the rain prayer . The governor of Sinai called people and the religion scientists to do the rain prayer . Allah did actually sent rain to Sinai , it was  so heavy that the governor asked the sheika again what to do , the sheik told them to supplicate to Allah once again asking Him to take the rain a little farer lest their towns should be affected

Dr Ordgan , one of the leaders in the Rofat  Islamic party in Turkey,  was promoted as the head of municipality in Istanbul , he succeeded in solving a lot of problems ,yet the problem of water remained a threat to his efforts . He remembered the prayer for rain that he learnt at schools , so called the people to do the prayer . The secularists ,being overwhelmed by the unbelief in Allah , stood mocking at those who were about to do the prayer , they were afraid that their supplication should not be accepted and that the secularists rejoice at their misfortune . We deeply supplicated to Allah not to let us down . On the following day , it rained heavily till water over flooded the industrial canals

Once Sheik Abd Al-majeed Zanadany visited a village called Yahr in Ymen to give a lecture there , the people there asked him to do the prayer for rain . He answered saying " I will " then he heard a man saying if it rains , I will pray and cease to commit what displease Allah , only one a hour and twenty minutes elapsed beforethe fall of the rain ,  thought there wasn't any cloudlet .

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