A Spanish young man reverts to Islam


This is a true story that I personally heard from Dr.Zagloul Al-Nagar, He says” One year I met a young Muslim man during the Hajj, he was accompanied by his young child who has already learned the Holy Quran entirely by heart. I asked him why he reverted to Islam.

“It is music that stands behind my embracing Islam”. He says.

I thought he was joking so I asked” Are you serious? then how?”

The Youngman seriously answered saying “yes, I am serious. I was studying music and at that time I was keen on knowing the origin of the classic music, I was told that it was Beethoven and many others, this was not a convincing answer, so I started searching for myself, eventually I discovered that the source of the classical music is terza rima , a kind of music that was played in what is known as Spain ,where Moslems lived. This kind of music was played to glorify the name of Allaah( God) and to praise the attributes of the prophet, I admired his attributes so much that were so great and noble even with is enemies. I decided to study more and more so I moved where I could study so attentively , I was so fortunate when I found a Moslem family living in the same street and they invited me to stay with them and I found warm welcome there. I used to watch them doing the daily prayer and reciting the Holy Quran. I felt a certain kind of ecstasy that filled my soul and tranquility that I have never experienced before when listening to music… The music emitting from the wording and phrasing of Quran stem from something that no literary men could identify , it is internal music . I had a very accurate ear that understands and feels music so much , when I heard the Holy Quran , I never found what can be a musical error.

It happened that I was invited to a music conference in Morocco , it was then that the prayer call echoed through the microphone, all people left me and went to pray. I was near the Mosque , I could hear the imam reading the Holy Quran which penetrated my heart, filled me with untold ecstasy, I started to sob ,cry, my eyes were shedding tears, I did not know why I cry.

On finishing the prayer, my Muslim friends came to me .

When they looked at my face they thought that some bad news reached me from Spain but I said nothing bad reached me. I didn’t know why I cry .When I came back to Spain , I embraced Islam. The Saudi ambassador invited me to do the Hajj. In Saudi Arabia ,he took me to king Khalid, who asked me about the best of my wish.

“My wish is to learn Islam here to teach people in Spain “,I said.

So I stayed there for nine years studying Islam till I got my MA in Islamic teachings and my wife did the same too.

When I returned to Spain, I established a school in which 1200 children are studying. later and after many years I met him again, now his child has grown up and he, too, teaches Islam in the same school.

I present this story to those who loves music and I whisper in their ears” reading God’s word with meditation and listening to it attentively is a great blessing and a great joy that no other music can give…Don’t miss this chance…Singing and music can’t be in harmony with God’s word in the human heart, The preference of God’s word over the other’s word is the same as God’s preference over his creatures.