The contradictions of the Bible

                                                                        Zeinb Abd Al-Azeiz (PHD)

trsnalsted by : Magdy Abd Alshafy

Christians often turn angry and displeased when some comment on the contradictions in the Bibles- these contradictions that amount to fearful numbers . They even indict whoever claim that that  they encroache  upon the sanctity of the holy revealed texts .

To refute this fact , they say  : , these are not paradoxes but rather facts that integrate one another, they claim that  just to cover up these scientific contradictions

In fact , these claimed sanctity was impeached by Vatican three times: the first was in Trant synod in 1546 that issued a decree that " God is the author of the Holy Book" , a sentence that is recorded in the document of this synod, and that curse will haunt whoever asks about the credence of anything . ( Synods , volume 111, 1994)

The second time midwifed the advancement of science , historical studies and linguistics , this time Vatican backtracked on its first decree " God is the author " to say in Vatican synod , 1869 " God inspired the apostles through the holy ghost ( to write the Bible )

The third time was in the Vatican synod , 1965 in which the critical studies that laid to rest the credence of the Holy Book generally and the New testament in particular was given the main interest . sequence to long consultations and study concerning how to couch a new sentence to express that required change which is contrary to what remained for  long centuries to be once-clampdown decrees concerning deeming the biblical  infallable , they reached five formulations to  dilute  the impact on the adherents and they conceded on final formula with consensus of 2344 supporting voters against 6 voters opposing .

The final decisive word issued from Vatican concerning this point was " These books , though containing what is incomplete and what is false, testify to the fact that these were divine moral lessons"

In "The World of the Holy Book magazine , number "137" , September to October , an article entitled  " Who wrote the Holy Book "  comments on the same  point , this aticle  came in the first place , we read an article by professor J.Moinght , faculties of Jaweit , paris , in which he refers to two difficulties apropos to the Holy Book , he says " the Holy Book is not a book as the term book really means , rather it is a complete  library , it is a group of books and a group of literary kinds from different languages whose authorship can be traced back to tens of centuries and that all its books were collected gradually.

Second , each of these books wasn't authored at one go  by the same author bur rather each book was authored or rather collected from scattered pieces of heritage and dispersed writings from different sources after being rewritten and reformulated  and substituting parts in the place of others .

This citation shows how this information has become common  that they are widely handled on newspapers and magazines. If we bear in mind the  final resolutions of Jesus Seminar which states that "82% of the words that are ascribed toJesus weren't  his and that 86% of the deeds that were ascribed to him were not his either , we will surely conceive how haplessly exorbitant the situation is and how deep the chasm between the facts and the scientists is , the multitude among them are theologians , moreover , so grave is their feverish  insistence to proselyte the world into Christianity at any cost ,notwithstanding  mottos such as they respect the adherents of other religions  that  they chant resoundingly and vociferously .

My aim is not to hurt the feelings nor degenerate any one as no one here to be held accountable for what these synods had inserted or changed over the span of history but my aim is to put forth the question to Moslems who remain a target to persistent campaigns supported by political pressure for converting  them into Christianity .

Can those who persistently insist on proselyting the world into Christianity realize how grave and heinous that act is when they try to uproot the others' religion ?

Can those who are equipped with all potentialities desist promulgating such texts and doctrines of which its men confessed that they comprise what is incomplete and what is false?!!!

It is ironical that they tried to circumvent the glaring contradictions , though they already referred to , by claiming that they are expressions of different visions or expressions or they integrate one another….so a phrase like " the bible according to …" is coined though this phrase implies a large area of implicit skepticism.

A cursory look at these contradiction that the British Encyclopedia estimated to be 150.000 and now doubled by latest studies will enable the reader , irrespective of his religion , to touch the reality and if they could be trusted as divine texts .

Changing the words of the bible is going on to the extent that you find that the bible in English for example still keeps some words while in Arabic we find that the translation of some words have been changed for nothing but to match the newly discovered facts , for example the word circle in the following verse "It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth"has been changed to be " the globe " while we can find the translation of the circle is still there in old version of the same Bible – it was a crime , according to the church standpoint , for which Galileo stood before the court and it is clear that this change was inserted after his words were scientifically proved to be true .

for contradictions and scientific and historicla errors ,