13 novembre 2006

New studies reveal scientific miracles in the fly Hadith

New studies reveal scientific miracles in the fly Hadith   By Magdy Abd Al-Shafy The Holy Quran and the traditional sayings of prophet Mohummed are the two legs of the Religion of Islam , The Holy Quran contains scientific miracles that have been already confiremeds scientifically . These Holy Scientific verses were revealed more than 1400 years ago , at the time of prophet Mohummed there were many other different miracles to make people believe . Because Quran will be the last reveald Book till life ends , Gods has... [Lire la suite]
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17 juin 2006

Ants self-defence

Ants  self-defence Anew miracle in the Holy Quran By Wadea Omrany Translated By Magdy Abd Al-Shafy       Besides its linguistic miracles , by which prophet Mohummed challenged the polytheists to write one verse like it but they failed  , the Holy Quran contains a lot of scientific  miracles that God revealed to Mohummed more than one thousand years ago . These miracles are discovered today to strengthen the belief of the believers and prove the Divine origin of The Holy Quran. Here is , Mrs Wadea... [Lire la suite]
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25 mars 2006

The Miraculous Design in the Flight of Insects

The Miraculous Design in the Flight of Insects CHAPTER 1 Evolutionists claim that insects started flying 300 million years ago. Nonetheless, they are not able to provide any conclusive answers to fundamental questions such as: how did the first insect develop wings, take flight or keep suspended in the air? Evolutionists only claim that some layers of skin on the body probably could have turned into wings. Aware of the unsoundness of their claim, they also assert that the fossil specimens to verify this... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2006

The Miracle in Ants

The Miracle in Ants With their various communication methods, ants may be compared to men who can speak several foreign languages. They are able to communicate with 3-4 different languages among themselves and they are able to pursue their lives in the least problematic manner. They are able to subsist their colonies with populations of hundreds of thousands or sometimes millions, and survive all their lives without causing any confusion. Yet this communication system we have been describing so far is just one of the miraculous... [Lire la suite]
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