Contribute with us in The Call to Allah

There is no doubt that the best & the most beloved deeds to Allah And it what all prophets did: The Call to Allah! In his noble book, Allah said: (And who is better saying than one who calls to Allah…) {Fussilat-33}, prophet Mohammad (Peace upon him) also said: (If Allah guides a man through you, it’s better for you than this world and whatever it contains).

And because our desire to expand and variant our missionary work field which the site do, so it will reach all society classes, with help of Almighty Allah, we prepared (word files) leaflets ready to print and distribute among people, or putting them at the billboards or pasting them on Mosques wall magazines or wall Adds. God willing, we will be providing the newest topic in these leaflets regularly, For that we wish that you visit this Page continuously.

Click on the headlines underneath and download the linking word files, then print it and share it with others so benefit will be common, by doing this you will be contributing in the call to Allah and advertising the site, so it's benefits the largest number of people around the world.

Mountains and Water

The Sky preserves the Earth

The Shining Lamp

Monoecism of Allah

Miracle of Day and Night

The Shivering Sky

Stability of Quantity of Water at Earth

Source of water on Earth

Universal Formation between Science and Quraan

Miracle of Cosmical Expanding

Easts and Wests

Miracle of Nr 7 in Holy Quraan

Tides in the Deep Sea

Cosmical Smoke

From the Unknown Inimitability

From the Secrets of Cut Letters

Moon was on Flame

Sea which is fire

Black Holes and Quraan

Stones Testify the Monoecism of Allah

Translated by: Nissan Ahmado