Spirit under The light of Holy Quraan

By  Dr. Ahmed Shawky AL-Fangari(1*)                

The human being tried from very long ago to know what is Spirit? And what is Death? In the scientific explosion era in 20th century he begin to get assisted with accurate scientific instruments in (spirit) studies. a lot of scientific universities in Europe and U.S.A confessed with this science and assigned to it place for teaching and learning with others phenomena which called behind nature (metaphysics) the first was Cambridge in 1940,Then Oxford in 1943 Then the rest later on.

A lot of civil institutions also were established in the world from the serious researchers and amateurs and exchanged studies and scientific experiments and have regular magazines such as spiritual magazine in England and America … they also done a lot of seminars and conferences exactly as any medical and scientific institutions to exchange the latest achievements.

One of their first experiments was when they put a man dying on a device with scales to measures (spirit) quantity after leaving his body and they put on his head (EEG) to measure his brain vibrations during death and (EEG) to his heart to draw it’s graph and they also put special cameras (infrared photography) to photograph the spirit during leaving, as they found that it can't appear with the normal light (1).

The scientists also found strong connections between spirits science, hypnosis & telepathy (which concerns thought's transporting from remote) and also sciences of ghosts and jinn.

This science didn’t become only a hobby or amusement or discovering the unknown… but also it entered medical therapy field and especially the diseases that modern medicine couldn’t treat such as Epilepsy, Madness and Schizophrenia (2).and a lot of books and magazines were published, some of them succeed to do surgical operations with spirits and succeed to treat the tumors of human body in general conference and with witness of physicians.

In the scientist vision the spirit is waves with high vibrations which exist   between us in all places and in ether world…but we can’t see or hear it   because of disability of human eye and ear to do that… as science prove that human eye can only see in particular limits called spectrum colors. As red light we see has vibration (4x10^10) = 400 thousand millions vibration/sec…

but infrared is less than that. So the eye can't see it. And the violet ray has vibration (7x10^10) = 700 thousand millions vibration/sec if it increase above it, it can't be seen, they estimated that spirit is a vibration higher than the violet rays and less than (X-ray).

The same to the human ear which can hear just 20:20000 vibration/second and above this rate can’t hear, and it was proven by experiment that some animals like dogs, horses and cats can hear better than human, so we see that it may flinch and shout unexpectedly as it hear what we couldn't able to…

Spirit scientists divide evidences to two kinds; (mental) and (physical) in the first kind there is phenomena of (telesphy), (clainvoiance), and Direct speech where spirits use throat of the mediator and speak its own language which mediator may not know.

In physical evidences there is theory of (materialization), (levitation) and (psychic photography) which considered a new science appeared lately after inventing special films.

and the last achievement about the (D.N.A) that scientists consider it the secret of life and spirit in the living cell and discovering of it’s chemical structure, the one who discover it won Noble prize.

And despite all this researches and achievements humanity still on the begging of The way and this subject still one of the ambiguous secrets to science, (The religion) still the main source for science about the spirit secret.

The religion prospect

There is no definition to the spirit in both Bible and Torah. But this word were used with moral and abstract signs such as evil spirit means: (devil), wicked spirit (which separate between people), hidden spirit like angels and sacred spirit to describe God.

When God sent prophet Mohammed to his nation and declared to them that he is a prophet, some of them went to the Jews and asked them about the thing they can use to test this prophet they answered ask him about something that no prophet before him have mentioned, the spirit, and when they asked him, the prophet asked them to give him a time to answer them then Holy Quraan answered: (And they are asking you about the spirit, Say: The Spirit is by command of my God, and you are not given aught of knowledge but a little) { Al-Israa85}.The scientific meaning of this verse is that the spirit is a difficult matter for people to understand because it bigger than their minds & science, and whatever man have of knowledge he can’t understand it, and this was the secret of this short answer to avoid people to fall into chaos and assumes, and worry themselves with philosophical matters and forget the new religion and the call for it. Holy Quraan explainers after that put a lot of explanations for this, some of them said that this answer prevent the Muslims from studying and searching in this matter…but most of them said that it is not said (say the spirit is one of my God's secrets )but said(The Spirit is by command of my God) and there is a big and clear difference between the two meanings, thus the Muslims scientists didn’t stop writing and searching in this subject such as the book (the spirit) by Ibn Sina and (the spirit) by Ibn Al-Kaim and a lot of books through different ages.

The following are some facts about spirit which the Holy Quraan discuss and modern science come to prove it :

1-The fact that we can't hear or see the spirit not because it hasn’t exist but because the inability for eye and ear to recognize it, and we have mentioned this scientifically and Holy Quraan confirmed this fact when it tells us that there is a lot of things around us which we can’t see with our eyes;The Almighty said (But nay! I swear by that which you see, And that which you do not see) {Al-Hakaa 38-39}. So the wonder of Quraan appear when The Almighty swear with the quantities of things we can see with our eyes the modern science estimate this things when it said that the proportion to what the eye see and don’t see is 1:10 million and this is very big proportion that no one imagine or suppose when Holy Quraan was descended and this was the reason to this great swear.

2-  The Islam wasn't incapable against this phenomenon. When modern science was incapable fromexplaining it, prophet Mohammed (Peace upon him) said about it: (it is heard by every thing except Human and if he hears it he will be shocked){El-Bokhary}.

Cause God have created the eye and ear unable to hear or see spirits… to avoid human the terrify and shock from hearing it and this obvious matter and great mercy of God to human being… because physical relation between human and spirits doesn’t exist and he can’t touch or speak with them in normal circumstances…no doubt we will be terrified if we see or hear them without touching them.

Holy Quraan confirms this fact even with the prophets: prophet Abraham was terrified when angels visited him… when he gave them food he didn’t find a touchable body to them so he was greatly terrified;The Almighty said: (But when he saw that their hands didn’t reached it, he mistrusted them, and conceived a fear of them…) {Houd70}the explanation: angels like spirits doesn’t have a touchable bodies, the same thing happened to prophet Lut when he was visited by angels in his house, he was terrified of them,The Almighty said: (When our messengers came to Lut he was grieved for them and got fed up with them, and he lacked strength to protect them …) {Houd77}.

3-And it’s scientific miracle in Islam when it was the first which established the fact that some animals such as dogs and horses can see and hear spirits while human can't.When prophet Mohammed (Peace upon him) said:( when you hear horses whinnies and dogs barks after night silence, ask the God shelter from the stoned devil, they see what you do not see).

This scientific fact wasn’t discovered till end of the 20th century after inventing the sound and light instruments with high vibration…dog whistle was invented which dog can hear and human can't and it became one of the tools in the training and scientific experiments...

4-The Modern science confirm that the spirits can't appear or do effective work in the spiritual meeting unless it was in darkness or in very weak red light, and the reason: the spirit is light and sonic vibrations which crush in normal light or sound… so the meetings always held only at night and in moony silent nights where there is no lighting or thunder, prophet Mohammed have pointed out this fact before science, when he said:(decrease your going out to streets at the silent night because God has creatures he activate at this time) meaning of silent night: gathering between silence and darkness and it’s rhetorical shortcut.

5- Isthmus life between Quraan and science: When the spirit leave the body it won’t go to paradise or hell directly but to isthmus life, (isthmus) in Arabic (barzakh) it’s origin Persian and it was used by Arabs to point to place between two places but the Quraan used it to point to stage or life between two lives The Almighty said: (…and behind them is isthmus until the day when they resurrect) {Al-mumenoun100} it’s here life between normal life and judgment day.

And the modern science agrees with the Holy Quraan in existence of this life but it called it (ether life) which described in books of modern science: space between earth and all the skies around us…including sun and other planets, and after the wonderful discoveries in atom science, they add space which exist in all solids and the atom it self (between proton and electron) so spirits live freely in this huge spaces not stopped by any normal restrain and has the ability to pass through atom spaces even if it was solid wall.

6- Spirit moves in the isthmus life:by high speed this was estimated by one of the Contemporary Muslims Scientists with a speed equal to 50 times the speed of light, the professor Dr.  Mansour Hesb Al-Nabi the physic professor in Ain Shamse University in Egypt in his book (Scientific Miracle of Holy Quraan) he put an equation depending on two verses of Holy Quraan.

The First:when his Almighty said: (He regulates the ordinance from heaven unto earth then it ascended to him in day which equal thousand years of what you count) {Al-Sagda5} this mean that distance that order take is equal to the distance that the moon take on his orbit around the earth in 1000 moony years and when he said (of what you count) he mean in your universe and according to our normal accounts. And by solving this first Qraanic equation we obtained speed 299792,5 km/sec equal to speed of light in the space admitted globally, which agreed with Ainchitain principle.

The Second: verse is talked about the speed of spirits and angels in the unknown world and it estimated it as fifty times light speed about this equation The Almighty Said: (The angels and the spirits ascend unto him in day which the measure of which is fifty thousand years){Al-Maareg4} this means that spirit speed is 299792.5x50 km/sec (God only knows the truth).

7-Nature of spirit came from nature of God: in more than one verse, The Almighty confirms that spirit is breath from God spirit, he mentioned that in blowing spirit into Adam’s body after creating him his Almighty said: (When I made him complete and breathed into him of My spirit, then fall down before him prostrate) {Sad 72} his Almighty said about the embryo when he become alive: (Then He made him complete and breathed into him of His spirit...) {Al-Sajdah9} spirit of human is blow of God spirit and it’s nature like God nature, it can't be seen by human eye, God said about him self:  (Vision can’t comprehended him but he comprehended (all) vision and he is the Subtle and the Expert) {Al-Anaam103} and he also said: (And when Moses came at Our appointed time and his God spoke to him, he said: My God! show me yourself, so that I may gaze at you. He said: You won’t see Me…) {Al-Aaraf143}.

8- And another Medical Miracle appear, what mentioned in Holy Quraan that spirit will not be breathed into the fetus in his mother womb until he complete his third month,and jurisprudence men estimated this period by 120 days and that agree with what science reached in modern age cause fetus before this time doesn’t considered completed as he still mere liquid or leech or piece of flesh, and all this stages is without spirit or what called in medicine the biological life like life of plant or sperm and ovum. and about this The Almighty said: (Then He made him complete and breathed into him of His spirit...) {Al-Sajdah9} and he means by made him complete: completing his creation…this means that breathing of spirit happen when the fetus completed his creation and growing in the womb and this agree with what the science proves; as the fetus turned to be living being after completing the third month with voluntary move and hear voices and even some researches say that he enjoy music and get disturbed with his parents quarrels.

9- God keep the spirit in the body and it can’t leave it without his order and in specified time The Almighty said: (There is no soul but over it there is keeper) {Al-Tarek4} and the word keeper here have many different meanings as this keeper may be an angel inside or outside the body have the task to accompany and protect it from leaving the body and naturally we can’t see or feel this angel and modern science agree with this opinion but with difference in naming and the way of description as the keeper according to the science is a substances in the organic chemistry which exist in our bodies and have the task of Protecting the relationship between spirit and body and scientific theories say that if this relation was unbalanced the human will suffer with a lot of psychological and spiritual diseases without having organic ill.

10- One of the verses which puzzle the explainers of Quraan in different ages,what Almighty said: (It is He Who has produced you from one soul, then there is habitation and depository…) {Al-Anaam98} some of them explained this (habitation) the womb it self where the fetus growing, and (depository) is the man testes as it provide this womb with sperms…and this is wrong explanation because the verse speak about souls (spirits) not about bodies as Holy Quraan often talk about spirit by using word soul. and the explanation we see that the habitation is the body where the soul remain from the third month of the fetus until man death, and the depository is the isthmus life where spirits moved to awaiting the punishment day…

11- Life in isthmus:and spirits in the isthmus is happy or sad because they were informed with their places in judgment day in hell or in paradise according to their deeds in the last life, The Almighty describe life of good believers in isthmus life: (…and they rejoice for the sake of those who have not joined them but are left behind, That there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve){All-Emran170} but the unbelievers and oppressors were informed with their fate in the hell and torture…The Almighty said: (But if he is of the rejecters of truth the erring ones, He shall have an entertainment of boiling water, And will inter burning-hell){Al-Waqiaa92-94} and the prophet Mohammed (Peace upon him) said about that: (the Muslim spirit is in bird which fly and eat through paradise trees until God resurrect it to his body in punishment day) {Agreed on it} and he also said: (when any one of you die he will be shown his place in paradise or hell in morning and night). and this spirits are living freely in isthmus between earth and sky and not connected with the body or the tomb…and before Islam, people were sacred the graves and built very glory graves and put in it food and lights and guards as they thought that the died spirit is linked to the grave and this things give him the happiness in his grave…but Islam order to destroy this glory graves and forbid the people to visit it until they forget this ignorant tradition, and when they believe in god and forgot it he said(I was forbidden you to visit graves, but from now visit it, it soften the hearts) and in another source…(it remind you with death) and he didn’t say: (make the died feel happy).

and this means that there is no relation between died spirit and the grave or the body and spirits vary greatly differ in isthmus habitation as some of them are in the most high place with prophets, Martyrs, people of good deeds And some in the most low places with killers, infidels, and polytheists. And that what prophet Mohammed saw in the night journey (Al-Israa night).

And the spirits in isthmus visit each other and also it hears livings voices and also get affected with their prays for them, and visit them wherever they were. Holy Quraan say:(Had it been possible for Lecture cause the mountains to move, or the earth to be torn asunder, or speak to the dead,…) {Al-Raad31}.

And prophet Mohammed was spoke to the died while visiting the graves and his companions say to him (prophet of God, you speak to stinking bodies and he answered them:(you don’t hear me more than them for what I said they hear but they can't answer) (Agreed on it).

13- useful things for the died which help him in isthmus are two kinds:

The first: the deeds which he did before his death ,as prophet Mohamed said:(what follows the believer of his work And good deeds, science was taught and spread by him, good son who prays for him, holy quraan book he inherited to, Mosque he built, home to miserable he built, river he run it and charity he spent during his health and life follows him after his death){Agreed on it}.

The second: what living people do for him: pay his debts, pray for him. Fasting for him, recite holy quraan for him, and pay continues charity by his name, and does the Hajj for him.

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(1*) Consultant Physician, Islamic scientist and Director in Miracle of holy Quraan and Sunnah institution in Egypt.

Translation by : Ahmed Hamdy                       E-mail: ahmed_m_h_i@yahoo.com