In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

God says in (Mohammed) soars 24 :

(What, do the ponder the Quran? Or is it that there are locks upon their hearts?)

And in (sad) soars 28 says

(A Book we have sent down to thee, blessed, that men possessed of minds may ponder its signs and so remember)

In response to this invitation we start our subject about the scientific inimitability of the Holy Quran. this time we will explore the theory which says that we have special sets detect the liars are found in Holy Quran where the null did not found the way either between the rwo hands nor from the rear side.

So let us know something about the sets that detect lairs.

We have two kinds of these sets:

1- an old one-(Lie detection machine orpograph)

This kind needs to connect some wires to the man whom we need to define his speech. The set measures the small changes which occur on his body concerning his heart pulse breath and sweat. Then the analyzer views the reading and the result.

2- a new one a computerized voice stress analysis. As for this system does not need to connect wires to the human body. On the other hand it gives immediate result .

This system so the requerments are only a sound card conductor and a microfhone.

this system is developed according to the request of the americm army due to the need in battelfield to interrogating the prisonrs of war .

three of the retired officers develop the essential editions

This system is only sold for known groubs and this is to prevent this set to be used from people. America does not need to. Yet an Israeli copied it on a cd and it is sold around 150$. Israel using it now in investigation the truthfulness of Palestinian during passing the inspiction base. Then how this system workes?

This system measures the difference in the low vibration of the vocal cords. We have what is cald “stress” on specific tunes of lyers.

When lying, the sound becomes stretched as it is seen in the following two pictures.

The first pictures is the situation of truth

The second picture is in ling   

this is the picture of the set. We see nine icons displays the symbole

The inimitability in the two icons

(It is mentioned in the two Syhehen)

Abi Horira says that the massenger of God says "the lyers are in three ways, if he says something he says lies if he promise he renege if somebody deposited something in truth he breach of trust"

This affirms that the hypocrite is a lyre

The writer : Muhamed kaled alkelanee - Translated by Nedal Abd Alal