To The Truth –Seekers

You are not Alone  , unless you find your way , it will surely find you

By Dr: Abd Al-Mou'ety  Al-Dalaty

Translated By Mr Magdy Abd Al-Shafy

An American professor specialized in  math  has already embraced Islam and authored The  book of " the conflict for belief " , in which he wrote about the story of his converting into Islam . He has lately published his book " Even Angels ask " and " the Journey of Islam to America "

DR Geoffrey says " it was a small room without any furniture , no decoration on its dry wall –just only a red carpet was there . There was a small window through which the sun rays  peeped. There ,we stood in arraying and I was standing in the third row. I did not know any of them . We bowed in a regular way till our forehead touch the ground  .it was an atmosphere of tranquility and repose where quietude filled the place . on finishing , I looked forward to find some one wearing a white gown standing under the window…..then I get up – it was a dream"

I had this dream several times within the past ten years and every time I get up , I feel myself in high spirit .

In Saint Francisco university , I got acquainted with an Arab student , whom I taught and the bonds of our friendship got stronger . He gave me a copy of the holy Quran as a present and when I read it for the first time , I felt that it was the Holy Quran itself that reads me.....
One day I decided to visit this student in the mosque of the university . I went downstairs and stood at the door . I was trying to control myself  and I hesitated too much – my legs were unable to carry me – I stretched my hand to the knob of the door and  I began to tremble so I raced upstairs again .

I felt defeated and thought about coming back again to my office  , a few seconds filled with secrets forced me to look at the sky , ten years passed through which I resist to supplicate God – now this resistance came  to an end and  I began  to supplicate God so dearly .

"Oh , My God!  If You want me to go into this mosque , grant me the power to do so !" so I began to go downstairs and pushed the door and inside I saw two young men talking , I greeted him and they replied .One of them asked me saying " Do you want to know something about Islam?" I answered in affirmative and after a long discussion about Islam I expressed the wish to embrace Islam .

The Imam said asking me to repeat after him " say " I testify  …" and I said " I testify .." and added saying " there is no God " and I said repeating " there is no God - I believed in this phrase during my life time before this moment – but Allah and I repeated and then he added saying " and  I testify that Mohummed is God's apostle " and I repeated after him ; these words were just like the drops of clear water over a burning throat of a man who is about   to die of thirst .I will never forget the moment in which I  articulated these words for the first time in my life ; to me it was the most  crucial moment in my life; not only that but also  it was the strongest and the most disenthralled moment in my lifetime .

Two days later I learnt how to do the Friday prayer . On the following Friday and while we were doing the second Rakaa and the Imam was reciting verses from the holy Quran and we all were behind him standing in arraying  with shoulders in touch with each other  and we were prostrating as if we all we were one body with our foreheads on the red carpet and an atmosphere of quietude and response enwraps  the place .

  The Imam was in white dress standing under a window through which the sun rays peep into the room.

My heart shouted : it is the dream ( coming true ) , it is the same dream …..I wondered …."Am I having the same dream ? " ,and my eyes flew with tears . Then the imam said " Peace be upon you " declaring the end of the prayer . I sat gazing at the grey walls! I was overwhelmed by a blend of fear and reverence when my heart felt the meaning of love for the first time – that love that you can not experience unless you come back to God . 

My God !! With my soul's tear , with my heart's deep

With love in my heart streams

I implore thee,

have pleasure with me

With adore ,  I seek thy love

The hum of my soul that ever made my self indeed

Is " I do love thee (2)

Later Dr Geoffrey was showered with questions about the secrets behind his Islam .

He answered saying " I have been suffering the pain of the spiritual emptiness and I have been ready to fill this spiritual emptiness . So God , the  Merciful and the well-knowing , took my hand to Islam and I became a Moslem .

Before Islam , I have never experienced the meaning of love , but after reading Quran , I felt a wide flow of mercy and love filling my soul and I began to feel uninterrupted overflowing love towards God . So what led me to the Islam is the Juggernaut of love towards God .[3]

Islam is the complete submission to God's will and it is the way that can take you to a degree of untold sublimity and to a state so high of tranquility and peace of mind . It is the thrust of the human potentialities . It is voluntary submission of the body , the mind , the heart and the soul to God . [4]

The holy Quran has captivated me and overpowered my heart and led me to the complete submission to God . When you read the holy Quran , you feel that your soul is progressively ascend till you come to the utmost degree where you find your self standing alone before God [5] . If you take Quran seriously , you can't read it with deep thinking . you feel as if it lays blame on you; as if it has rights that you are entitled to do . you feel that it argues with you ; criticize you ; embarrass you and even challenge you .

I was on the other way and it is clear that the Originator of the Holy Quran knows me much more than I do ….The Quran seemed always that it preceded me in my thought and it gave answers to my questions , every night I stayed up late thinking about the holy Quran putting my questions and objections  and on the following day I find the persuasive answers to my questions and objections …. I discovered my self , have seen myself face to face on the pages of the holy Quran [6].

Having embraced Islam , I overexerted  my self attending the prayers to listen to the reciting of the Holy Quran though I did not know Arabic . When I was asked why I do that , I answered saying " why does a suckling baby   feel at ease on hearing his mother's voice . I wish  to live under this protection for ever."[7]

The prayer is the main daily criterion that measure the degree of the believer's submission to God . how beautiful feelings you have when you prostrate yourself to the ground , when you do that you feel as if you were raised to the paradise breathing its air that is filled with fragrance , you feel as if you are about to be raised high above the ground to be in the arms of the Sublime love .[8]

The prayer of dawn is among the most exciting prayers . There is a motive that pushes you towake up at dawn to listen to Quran verses filling the quietude of the night . you feel then that you are leaving the world to travel with the angels to worship God "[9]

Let's finish our talk about Dr Geofry Lang with one of his intimate discourse to God "  Oh my God , let me die and perish before I go the way of darkness and unbelief , Oh my God I can't live to breathe out just one breath without your love and the belief in You !!" [10]

     From the Book " I won Mohummed but did not lose Jesus "

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[1]A bridged from the book of " The Conflict for belief " and the "book of " Even the Angels ask " . The reader may be astonished at such passionate overflow of love of the mathematician Dr Geoffrey. In fact mathematics and physics have never been aloof of passion . Bernard show says " whoever dare to say that mathematics is not a passion " Alex Carlyle says " The human mind can not advance without passion .; love stimulate mind when it fails to reach its goal  .

Goethe  says "Knowledge can be as comprehensive and deep  as love . Lafarge says  " passion and love form the world "  discernment and passion illuminate the way for mind .

Mohummed Abdo says " the perfect religion is a mixture of science , taste , thought and sentiment . No physical difference between mind and sentiment as they are like the two eyes that man see using them .

From Dr Abd Al-Mou'ety  Al-Dalaty  collection of poetry
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