Islamic Reflections insight about some Biological problems

Dr / Radwan Hussein Allbedi

Translated by Dr Iman Althawi

Revised by Magdy Abd Al-Shafy

Each case has a call and a purpose . And the CALL of Islamic question is: (The Koran is the remaining protected God's Book that should be followed and be  the constitution and the curriculum to whoever wants to be correct and straight.)

The details of the call is a summary of Sciences ,comparing the  religions and holy books , all aspects of religion and standardization and history and the humanities, which revealed that:

1 - The Koran is the only book that is free from contradictions and incongruity , distortion  and human intervention.

2-the Koran is the only book that is miraculous in the sense and linguistic structure ( from the first word to the last word in it)

3 - That The Koran is the only book (that Deems Divinity far above the imperfection )

4-That  the Koran is the only Scripture that deems the prophets far above any wrongdoing, be it great or trivial .

5-That the Koran is the only remaining preserved book ,  which is directly attributable to the source.

6 - That the Koran is the only book of which all the copies in any time and in any place are identical ..

7 - That the Koran is universal in its Platform and its content for establishing a balance justice   between  man and his brother, man and humanity, man and the universe around him.

8 - That the Koran is the only book in which we find references to scientific facts from  atom to  galaxy, and from sperm to human brain and these  coincide with the scientific facts accurately detected by the technical means.

Overall,  the listener to the Koran (the words of God ) feels that it comes  from the heaven. We have authored a separate book named (( why Koran ? ))  to be the head of the series   of ((Why Islam, the Koran and why?  )) Which includes this work which we will take up the issue of embryology and the consequent and further issues as a child and artificial insemination AI, InVitro Fertilisation (IVF), and cloning  and we will deal with the scientific  part o,  but the ideological part of these issues is to be  left to the specialists of the religion.

The issue of scientific laboratory is an abstract issue aiming to discover the secret of the secrets of the universe, But the intervention of broad application among humans may arise as a result of dangers and problems that need guidance or regulation.  Since the discovery of nuclear  division  and the secrets of atomic energy, in the beginning  it was of a of scientific secrets of the atom and the energies of the universe, the underlying progress of mankind offering rights for mankind often through the use of energy generated, but when it came to the use of weapons of mass destruction, it was the rule of the intervention of the legislature to make its own contribution in this direction, as this  spreads corruption and destruction in the land.

No prohibition or limitation for the scientific research, provided it reveals the secrets of the universe as long as limited in the labs, But when put into practice, then we must enter the legislature for technology and the development of rules and regulations and safeguards have legitimacy.

First :the creation of the fetus : when the mind does not have the technical means enabling him to know the stages of  embryogenesis from the outset, he made theories about the emergence of a fetus as follows :

1- fetus is formed of nothing but through self-generating coincidence.

2-embryo arises from the seeds that emerge from the men and contains a mini photo copy from the  full child , woman is only the place in which to grow (in the sense of growing in size) .

3-embryo created in  mother and the liquid semen serves as culture and  a catalyst only

Dr / Radwan Hussein Allbedi

hospital director and a member of the Scientific Miracles question Mecca

and member of the Scientific Miracles in Cairo, and the South Valley