A researcher in mathematics in the UAE has reached a genius equation confirming the inimitability of The Creator (the great and almighty) in promoting the call of truth 24 hours a day. The researcher said in his study: “the call for prayer which is the Islamic call to the worship of praying doesn’t stop around the clock in the earth; once it is finished in an area, it starts in another!!!”

The researcher “Abd Al-Hameed Al-Fadel” explained his idea by explaining that the earth is divided into 360 longitudes which determine the time in each area. Each longitude is separated from the following one by exactly 4 minutes. The origin in the call for prayer that it starts in it’s exact time and the Caller is supposed to perform it well in 4 minutes.

To make the picture more obvious, let’s assume that the call to prayer starts now in the area at longitude 1 and lasts 4 minutes. When the 4 minutes are finished it will start in the area at longitude 2; when done, it will start at longitude 3 then 4….And so on, the call for prayer never stops all the day long on earth.

This can be confirmed in a simple equation:

4× 360(longitude) = 1440 minutes.

1440÷   60 (minutes) = 24 hours.

The source: a research by researcher Abd Al-Hameed Al-Fadel.

Translated by: Bayan Taleb  bayanta@hotmail.com