Newspapers always surprise us by many views formed in different places looks like a diverse words like the sentence (Allah is the Greatest) is formed within a hive, or the words (There is No God but Allah) formed from trees in a dense forest… and honestly, we doubted  that such pictures and photos are real. we often thought that there was a falsification of these pictures by using computer techniques and Photoshop… .But this time we found the word .. (Allah).. clearly and naturally in the heart of the desert (the letters formed from four palms)!!

You can’t read the word clearly but only from specific corner, and what’s more strange is that these four palms drown in huge seas of sand next to the horse field  in Eldjaouf desert

And indeedwhen you watch this view you ruminate the ability of Allah and you wonder whether coincidence that formed this palms by this view!? or is it the Divine Wisdom which call us to think and believe that Almighty Allah have the ability to do whatever He wants?!

Here, we have to point that people are different in their way of thinking and looking at things; not everybody have the ability of rumination or accurate noticing; And how many things we pass by without taking them into consideration or rumination.

The four palms that formed the Holy Name of ‘Allah’  in Aldjaouf desert:

Translated by: Dalal Mustapha Sarnou